Why The Worst Witch Season 5 Release Date Got Delayed?

British German by origin The worst Witch is a children’s television series set in the fantasy drama genre. The show is based on the novel series of Jill Murphy which has the same name as the series. The series stars Bella Ramsey for the first three seasons and then Lydia Page for the fourth season as Mildred Hubble who is the lead actor of the show. The series is all about Hubble and her friends dealing with everyday school problems but not in a normal boarding school but it is a witch school known by the name Cackle’s Academy in the series. This Netflix series is the fifth adaptation of the show as The Worst Witch is already aired as television shows on different channels.


The series was made on a very big scale and was made under the co-production of CBBC, ZDF, and Netflix. Though the series already aired on CBBC on 11 January 2017, it was made available on Netflix on 22 July 2017. The second season of the Worst Witch aired on Netflix on 8 January 2018 whereas the third season was premiered on 7 January 2019. The last and the most recent one was the Fourth season of The Worst Witch released on 1 October 2020. The fifth season of The Worst Witch was supposed to be released by now but it didn’t release yet due to delays caused by pandemic restrictions that’s why everybody is assuming different dates about its release!


The Worst Witch Season 5 Release Date

The Worst Witch Season 5

The fifth season of The Worst Witch was predicted and even assumed to be released by November 2020 but it’s not released yet which is due to the delays caused due to covid restrictions. The star cast of the show and even production houses never consented to make the fifth installment of the series. In an interview, an actor of the series said that the makers were trying their best to renew the show for the fifth season but everybody denied it due to the loss incurred by them at the time of the pandemic. Even the second wave hit the production houses hard and made it difficult to survive. Well! That’s a talk for the future, so we should move on to the expected plot for the upcoming season of The Worst Witch.

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The Worst Witch Season 5 Plot

The fifth season of The Worst Witch will discuss the problem that would be faced by our Hubble in her teenage years and all the foolishness that would cause good humor as well as the interesting plot points and twists in the show. The Worst Witch is quite a good show having some really good CGI in the show. The CGI of the show is quite commendable. The Worst Witch season 5 will also cover the journey of Mildred Hubble as the Head Girl of the school which may please as well as may feel jealous to others. So all these perplexing situations will create a fuss that would be very to be entangled by anyone. So if you do like such shows don’t forget to watch this show on Netflix!

The Worst Witch Season 1- 4: Recap

The plot from the first season to the fourth season of The Worst Witch can be summarised under the following commas-
” Mildred Hubble, a new witch who joins Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, a school of magic. Although with pure heart intention, Mildred’s clumsy personality carries the girl to terrible situations, and she is thus acknowledged as the worst student in the school. The kind headmistress, Miss Cackle, is usually understanding, whereas Mildred’s form teacher Miss Hardbroom thinks she just isn’t toiling hard. Mildred’s colleagues include Maud Spellbody, a rotund, mature girl who is always trying to avoid perplexion, and Enid Nightshade, a practical joker who is more responsible than Mildred to get them all into problems. The three girls have a strong enmity with Ethel Hallow, a high-born, Obstinate, and vindictive classmate.

One book covers one term at the school. Each year contains two terms: the Summer term, from March to July, and the Winter term, from September to January. In First Prize for the Worst Witch, the last book, Mildred is in the Summer term of her fourth year.

The Worst Witch Season 5 Cast

The Worst Witch Season 5

The cast for The Worst Witch season 5 will include the same cast as season 4 because it will be the continuation of season 4. The actors that may appear in the fifth season of The Worst Witch are as follows-

  • Agatha Cackle by Clare Higgins
  • Hecate Hardbroom by Raquel Cassidy
  • Maul Spellbody by Meghan Hughes
  • Mildred Hubble by Lydia Page
  • Enid Nightshade Tamara
  • Ethel Hallow by Jenny Richardson
  • Esmerelda Hallow by Miriam Petche
  • Drusilla Paddock by Tallulah Milligan
  • Felicity Foxglove by Dagny Rollins
  • Miss Gwendolyn Bat by Wendy Craig
  • Miss Dimity Drill by Shauna Shim
  • Mr. Algernon Rowan-Webb by Philip Martin Brown
  • Julie Hubble by Nicola Stephenson Main
  • Miss Geraldine Gullett by Kacey Ainsworth
  • Miss Pippa Pentangle by Amanda Holden
  • The Great Wizard by Nicholas Jones
  • Sybil Hallow by Trixie Hyde
  • Clarice Twigg by Kitty Slack
  • Beatrice Bunch by Ynez Williams
  • Miss Marigold by Mould Mina Anwa
  • Mrs Maria Tapioca by Zita Sattar
  • Mabel Tapioca by Annette Hannah
  • Indigo Moon by Kelsey Calladine-Smith
  • Isabella “Izzy” Jones by Saoirse Addison
  • Azura Moon by Luciana Akpobaro
  • Fenella Feverfew by Billie Boullet
  • Miss Arabella Hempnettle by Karen Paullada
  • Mr. Daisy by Nitin Ganatra

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