Will There Be March Comes In Like Lion Season 3?

March Comes In Like Lion is actually a Japanese manga series. It is written by popular comic writer Chica Umino. March Comes In Like A Lion gained high popularity and appreciation as a manga too. It used to get serialized in a famous magazine namely Young animal, by Hakusensha, a well-known and successful Japanese publishing company. This magazine “Young Animal” is basically a seinen manga. It means that the manga is made specially to target young readers, youth men. Now u can read the manga from any popular website easily.

March Comes In Like Lion Season 3

Just when the manga began to get popular an English version of the manga was also released by Denpa productions so that people from all around the globe can read it. The manga serialization began on July 13, 2007, and is still going on. It has been almost 13 years since the manga started. It has a total of 16 individual Tankboon volumes made by Hakusesha. The first-ever independent volume was released on 22 February 2008. A total of 16 volumes were released by September 2021. each consisting of around 12 to 14 chapters.

Later on due to its popularity March Comes In Like Lion was successful in bagging an anime adaptation. In 2015 SHaft, a production company took up this responsibility. The first anime adaptation was released on NHK G from October 2016 to March 2016. The very first season gained high popularity and was views as compared to the second one. Which ran from October 2017 to March 2018. Each season consisted of 22 episodes. An English dubbed version of the anime was also released between 2017 to April 2019 by Aniplex Of America. Along with this, a two-parted movie was released of the manga, which didn’t receive many views. The manga received many high-level awards like  Manga Taishō, and the Kodansha Manga Award in general categories, It has also received appreciation from critics for its Psychological approach. Due to some reason, it got criticized and mixed views for its art style. It has an average rating of 8 on online anime websites.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3 Story

The Anime revolves around a young boy namely Rei Kiriyama. The whole anime is shown inset of Shinkawa, a town on the banks of Sumida River in Tokyo. Rei’s parents and young sisters died in a car accident when he was very young. Since then he has been living with the family of Masachika Koda, a friend of Rei’s dad. Soon when Rei reached adulthood, he left his foster family and lived separately because he thought that he was a burden on them. Rei now is left with few friends and acquaintances. Among his other relatives, he had The Kawamoto family, which was a little close to him. The three sisters of the Kawamoto family namely Akari, Hinata, and Momo. The anime features the growing-up life of Rei, in which he has to deal with his school, marinating relations with his friends, starting up as a professional shogi player, dealing with maturity, and growing close relation with the Kawamoto sisters.

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March Come In Like A Lion Season 3 Release Date

There have been quite popular discussions and tweets going on about season 3 of the anime on Twitter and Reddit lately. Although, there is no official news released by the production company about whether they are going to take up the production responsibility for season 3. Mainly the popularity and viewers’ demand is the main factor for the renewal of animes. Hence March Comes In Like A Lion has quite good popularity, which is enough for the show makers to make another season. A big reason behind the confirmed release of season 3 is that the manga is still running, it has not ended to date which means the anime will also not be ending with just 2 seasons. We are hoping for season 3 to release anytime in 2022.

March Comes In Like a Lion Season 3 Trailer

There is no official announcement yet made by Shaft about the renewal of the anime, but we are quite sure it will be there. Usually, the trailer is released before 2 or 1 month of the official release hence the trailer will be out somewhere in 2022. Till then you can also watch teasers and trailers for season 1 and season2 on youtube, this will get you an idea of the name if you are new to it. Click below to watch the trailer for March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3 on Youtube.

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