School Live Season 2 Release Date Is Not Announced!

 It is a Japanese manga series. The writer of the series is Nitroplus. The Illustrator of the series is Sadoru Chiba. This psychological thriller slice of life was aired on May 24, 2012. The Director of the series is Masaomi Ando. There are many producers who worked collectively for this series. These are Kei Fukura , Asuka Yamazaki, Takema Okamaro, Satoshi Fukao and Sugi Kubota. Music to the series was given by Susumu Kayamori. There are 12 episodes in season 1.

School Live Season 2 Release Date

School Live Season 2

This drama thrilled psychological series was released on 25 January 2019. Seventeen years old cheerful and pink girls captured the hearts of the audience and this series was loved by everyone. The rating of the series is 8.2 out of 10. As the series gained the target love hence producers decided to continue the series and most probably the production of season 2 will be started in mid-2022.

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School Live Season 1 Recap

A cheerful high school girl Yuki Takeya who lives in school and spends her time with the school club. Yuuri Wakasa and Kurumi are her friends. A Zombie attack outbreak overruns the city. The outbreak also covers the high school and many students and teachers become its victims. Yuki goes out of school days for some activities but her friends take care of her and prevent her from getting infected. She believes that everything is normal and her teachers and classmates are okay. Megumi Sareka got to know about the outbreak from her mother and Yuuri and realized the change in the city and surroundings. Later Yuki held a trip which was covered with outbreaks like all the cities.

Then they called a survivor Miki Naoki and he learns about the delusions of Yuki. But it was also a delusion that there was no real Megumi, it was only thought by Yuki. Later she learns about Megumi who sacrificed her life for school. The shock of Yuki results that Megumi and other students being alive. Miki learns about her delusions and tries to interpret everything that was ensured by Yuki. Yuki along with her friends find a safe which reveals the secrets about their school about the outbreak.

School Live Season 2 Story

 As we see in season 1 Zombie attack was a very popular incident hence it might be continued in season 2. Also, Yuki has a delusions problem, Miki tries to find out about it. In the second season, Miki might learn about the solution to Yuki delusions. And the Zombie attack produced a great mess in the city, it might be reduced as the hero of the series might find a way to overcome the problem and save their city.

School Live Season 2 Characters

School Live Season 2 cast

Inori Minase played the role of Yuki Takeya. A bright and beautiful girl who is always excited about school activities and new things. Due to the Zombie outbreak, she got mentally unwell and created a delusion of herself in her mind. She believes that everything is going well, only in her mind. She couldn’t handle the present situation. Kurumi worked as Ari Ozawa, a twin-tailed girl, and Yuki’s friend. She was sent out on a dangerous mission for the school. She had a shovel around her in a Zombie attack to save herself from attack. Role of Yuuri Wakasa is played by Luci Christen . Yuuri was the only girl who managed food, electricity, and lessons in the zombie outbreak.

She acts as an elder sister and strong girl in the whole series.  Role of Miki Naoki was played by Riyo Kiyohara. Her nickname was Mii Kun. She is an intelligent girl and tries to learn about the Yuki delusion. Ai Kayano worked as Megumi Sakura. A teacher and mentor of the school. At the end of the season, it was revealed that she was not real but only the delusion of Yuki.Akiko Kamiyama was voiced by Ikumi Hayama. All those actresses and many more stars make the series successful.

School Live Season 2 Trailer

The first trailer for the series as well as season 1 was released on 19 January 2019. Also, this series will be renewed for season 2 very soon. As production of the series hasn’t started hence, there is no clue for the trailer of season 2.

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