Blood And Treasure Season 2 Release Date And Upcoming Details!

Blood and Treasure is an American adventure action drama television streaming series released in 2019, on popular American film platform CBS. The creators of the series are Stephen Scacia and Matthew Federman. The composer of the series is Kyle Newmaster. The origin-country of this series in the United States.

There is one season in this series with 12 episodes. Executive producers of this series are Michael Dinner, Mark Valasek, Marc Webb, Ben Silverman, Taylor Elmore, and Howard Owen. This series is about a brilliant antiquities expert and also an artist, a cunning thief who tries to catch terrorists with his complete team, who stole the treasure. And suddenly they found themselves in a 2000-year-old battle and turned this series interesting.

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Release Date

Blood And Treasure season 2

This American adventurous series was released in 2019. The first season was released on 21 May 2019, developed by Matthew and Stephens. The release date of season 2 hasn’t been announced. The production of this series for season 2 has started in 2019, but had stopped due to covid 19. Now again the production of the series resumed for season 2 and most probably season 2 will be coming in early 2022.

Blood And Treasure Season 1 Recap

Danny enlists all expert terrorists with the help of his mentor, Dr. Ana Castillo, and an art expert flame Cleopatra. Danny kidnapped the terrorist middleman. And then Danny makes a call to Lexi and she lets him escape from there. Some German Soldiers entered the Cleopatra Tomb and they sealed the tomb. Lexi at last over her plan to kill Farouk but her plan clashes with her justice. Chuck uses his skills to break the code left by the circle. Roarke attacks Gwen and steals the documents. A trap was made for Frauck but with the help of his lieutenant, he escaped from there at the last minute and saved himself.

When Alina and her brotherhood team were trying to kill the bioweapons, they were killed by a hidden explosive at the site. Simon contacts Danny to rescue him before Gwen extracts him. But a trace of his phone is left in Reece’s apartment and later it creates problems for him. Danny lets Reece die from toxin but at the last moment, Lexi gives him an injection of antidote to save him so that he can help her in crimes. Danny took Simon in custody and Lexi and Danny was promised by him to meet them again.

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Blood And Treasure Season 2 Story

The first season was loved by everyone so producers decided to make season 2, similar to the first one. But this time they will focus on Denny’s character. Season 2 will have a unique storyline. It will revolve around antique experts and wily thieves.

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Cast

Blood And Treasure

Matt Barr played the role of Danny McNamara, who works as a lawyer and specialist in stolen art. Sofia Pernas worked as Lexi Vaziri, who is a partner in Danny’s plan and also a con thief. Her mother is a member of the brotherhood Serapis. James Callis played the role of Simon Hardwick, who is an international smuggler; he was kidnapped but soon was rescued by Danny. He killed Hegazi in his revenge for his torture. And in the end, he was the real Karim. Katia Winter played the role of Gwen Karlsson, an Interpol agent.

Michael James Show played the role of Aiden Shaw, an arms dealer and also a loyal person. He hated Danny and Lexi but later had a good relationship with them. Oded Fehr worked as Karim Farouk, a terrorist leader who was killed in a drone attack. Alicia Coppola played the role of Dr. Ana Castillo, mentor of Danny and the world’s foremost expert on Cleopatra. Mark Gagliardi worked as Father Chuck, an old friend of Danny. They all and many more worked very nicely to make the series successful.

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for season 1 was released on 10th May 2019. The trailer for season 2 hasn’t been released yet, production has started for season 2 and will be released soon. All are waiting eagerly for it.

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