When Is The Painting With John Season 2 Coming?

Painting With John is an American comedy television series. The series gives light to the lifestyle, fashion, artwork, and paintings by John Lurie. The genre of this show is comedy and docuseries. The series has only one season with six episodes. The running time of each episode is twenty to twenty-four minutes. It is released under the production companies of Hyperobject Industries. It is written, created, and directed by musician, actor, and painter John Laurie. In fact, John Laurie is also seen in composing the series. The shooting of the series has taken in Lurie’s home, situated on an undisclosed island of the Caribbean.

Painting With John Season 2 Release Date

Season one aired on the HBO TV channel from January 22, 2021, to February 26, 2021. It got 7.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is liked by approximately 90% of people. An interesting fact about the show is that John Lurie, who is a musician too has to rehearse the music for this show for the first time in twenty-two years. There is good news for the audience about its next season. The series got the renewal of season two in August this year so, we can expect the release dates to be the next year. So hold your seat tight and watch the trailer till then.

Painting With John Season 1 Episodes Plot

Painting With John Season 2

John Laurie, while remembering television painter Bob Ross, decided to fly a drone to film an interesting and elaborate introduction for the first episode. He recounts his old memories. He recalls his childhood, father, and brother when they have to discuss laughter and write a poem while viewing the sunset.

He also recounts his cancer treatment and a time when he had to reheat the curry on a gas stove. He mostly shows his lifestyle and home which is located on an undisclosed Caribbean island where he enjoys with his housemates. Lurie once notices a piece of the tree which was resembling an elephant trunk. He discusses it with his brother and decides to photograph an eel. He took a piece and called it the Elephant, on which he showed his art of painting.

He discusses the name and fame he earned and how it benefited him. He talks about the relationship he has with other people including Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Anthony Bourdain, and so many people. He talks about the relationship he has with his mother. He remembers his old-time in the village with the townspeople. He told a story of people getting disappearing in his village and a man whom he nicknamed “The Chicken Man”. The show too has many songs describing everything.

In the end, Lurie told about his friendship with his old friend, Rudolph, and his presence on that island. He connected the music with the tree frog and was amazed by their natural habitat. He however told about the meeting with the cinematographer of the show when he was ill. Finally, he wrapped up season one leaving the audience with the next one.

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Painting With John Season 2 Story Prediction

Painting With John Season 2

Till now, we have crossed with many memorable and interesting stories told by John Lurie. From this, we got an idea about how will be the next season. In the next season, we are probably come across many stories, artwork, paintings, and thoughts by John Lurie. We can encounter other members too and their stories. So yes, we have to wait till then.

Painting With John Season 2 Cast

John Lurie who is the host of the show “Painting With John” is an actor, painter, and musician. He connects the audience to his artwork, lifestyle, and thoughts. Nesrin Wolf and Ann Mary Gludd James, are actresses and known for their tremendous work in the series.

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