Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date

The Romantic drama “Romance is a Bonus” made a different place in everyone’s hearts, the massive fan following of the shoe led to incredible TRP ratings and People craving for the second season. Whereas the audience is still waiting on the edge to watch season 2, we have a little update for you that might bring a ray of positivity if you are a die-hard fan of Romance is a Bonus. The show aired on Netflix and TvN in 2019 and the two major characters made it up to the most favorite actors list in Japan, The K-Drama was loved worldwide after it debuted on Netflix. Talking about the range of K-Drama’s you will probably always see Romance is a Bonus on top of Netflix browse. Let’s know more about Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date and Will the Show ever make a Return?

Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date

Romance is a Bonus Season 2 has not yet been officially announced by the makers and there is less chance that the show will have a season 2 anytime soon. But There is a high chance the creators might return with a spin-off movie to the show keeping the massive audience in mind.

As of now the season 2 has less chance to be launched on Netflix as most of the story had been covered and season 1 did not end on a cliffhanger. Which makes it clear that the show will not be coming back anytime soon. Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun Ho the lead protagonist of the comedy K-Drama have been seen in other Tv shows as well and as of now they are busy with other projects which are not intact with Romance is a Bonus season 2.

Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date
Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date

Although there have been various instances where the shows were completely finished off but when there is a huge fanbase demanding for another season, the writers jot down another part of the story. That’s their creative part as every artist creates it’s piece of art so that the audience can enjoy it. thus concluding about the season 2 there are high hopes that the same might happen with Romance is a Bonus Season 2 too.

Romance is a Bonus Book Season 1 Recap And Possible Season 2 Spoilers

romance is a bonus book now as you may know Korean dramas tend to follow multiple plots at the same time and there is no just one main plot so this drama follows the lives of all these different people working in the publishing industry. to be precise at the core publishing firm but in a nutshell of this drama is about two characters Kang Dani and Cha Eun Ho who is a single mother who after her divorce realizes that while she had been devoting herself to her husband and children. the job sector the employment field moves ahead at a very rapid rate another she’s trying to resume her work life she’s finding it very difficult to get a job.

somehow she lands a job at the Carew publishing firm and she is just beyond elated I cannot tell you how much I love this drama because a I love books be working in a publishing firm has always been a dream of mine and to see all these people working with such determination to publish books to work with authors and writers and to convey meaningful stories to the public which is so heartwarming.

Kang Dani has the qualifications the skills to commendable job companies refuse to hire her just because she is a single mother and there has been a gap in her career. third the romance and the chemistry between some of the characters is really heartwarmin.

Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date
Romance is a Bonus Season 2 Release Date

there there were just so many scenes in this drama that tugged at my heartstrings they even brought out a few tears. one of the things I loved to see is despite the conflict of interest that many people have in the company at the end of the day. the dialogues are also on point sometimes with romance in contemporary dramas certain dialogues can be very cheesy but in this drama, they were not cheesy enough to be cringy but the kind of cheesy that it makes you smiled and it’s funny there are definitely some laugh-out-loud moments the soundtrack is also really nice there are some very soulful pieces of music that are part of the theme song. and the end credits and especially the music that is used in between the scenes the acting is also very commendable are two characters whose story lines.

I didn’t really like and I feel like it would not have made that much of a difference if it hadn’t been there or maybe if the stories were written differently from that of the interns but other than that I wouldn’t change one thing about this show. and just thinking about it makes me smile and it makes me so happy there’s this one scene in the drama where everyone in the company goes out to this barbecue place for a meal and they’re all just being so boisterous and happy and loud that one of the serving ladies she asks them why are you all so happy, who are you all and they were scream we are the people who make both that scene that scene was so perfect I had to pause the drama to like collect myself because I was just so emotional at that time just the vibes that they all bring to the show the way it has been scripted it

Talking about the season 2 spoilers the show might have another spinoff of the story in continuity the happiness part will be in the beginning but humans a susceptible to rational errors, and so the same might happen in season 2 as well. Although it all depends upon the writer and what he portrays in the show. Let’s hope that the series might return soon quenching the thirst of the audience.

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