Mushishi Season 3 Release Date, Plot, And Every Detail!

Mushishi Zoku Shou is also popularly known as only Mushishi. The show originally is a manga. The manga was written by YukiUrushibara. It was published by Kodansha. It was a weekly manga series published every week in a popular magazine, namely Afternoon Season Zōkan from 1999 to 2002. It was later published in Monthly Afternoon from December 2002 to August 2008. The manga originally had many chapters, later on, all were collected and summed up into 10 individual volumes, commonly referred to as Tankboon.

The show became highly popular all around the world, especially in North America. Due to this, the manga was published in the English language Del Rey Manga, Kodansha USA. The show was extremely popular and received appreciation from viewers as well as critics. Manga also received many awards including Kodansha Manga Award.

About The Anime Mushishi Season 3

Mushishi Season 3
Ginko, Mushishi Season 3

As mentioned above the show originally was a Manga, but soon it was decided to create an anime series based on it. Artland took the responsibility to make the anime. Later the anime was featured on Fuji television a Japanese television channel. The anime received an average rating of 8.5 from many anime sites online. The show had made its place in weekly top anime several times. The anime is based on supernatural happenings, powers, and many thrilling adventures. It features a man namely Ginko, who decides to dedicate his life to protecting mankind from unnatural demons and other deadly creatures called Mushishi. The anime version was licensed by Funimation in North America.

The show also bagged arads like Tokyo Anime Award for its anime version. Along with this a full-action movie was made and released based on Mushishi. A virtual video game was spawned on the same anime. The show had its own merchandise in various stuff.

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Mushishi Season 3 Plot

The show revolves around some weird unnatural creatures called Mushi. According to the story, Mushi is just other beings in nature like humans, animals, bacteria, fungi. But they are the oldest species. Mushi possesses different supernatural powers displayed in the anime. Along with this, there is another main character namely Ginko, he is a straightforward, arrogant man with a green eye. Ginko has the very rare power which only a few humans possess. He can see and talk to Mushi’s. Hence having this power makes him want to become the people’s protector.

He voluntarily takes up the responsibility to protect mankind. Hence he travels to different places solving the problems created by Mushi’s and treating people affected by them. He also studies them and researches them. Because of such power Ginko tends to attract Mushi’s, due to this he smokes and keeps wandering, so then he is not seen by Mushi’s. The show displayed many fights and much more in the anime.

Mushishi Season 3 Release Date

The anime has a total of 2 seasons released to date. Season one was Mushi-shi, it was released many years back on October 23, 2005. The season was directed by Hiroshi Nagahama and was also written by him. The Artland studio took over the task for the making of anime. The anime was officially aired on Fuji TV, BS Fuji. It has a total of 26 episodes each dubbed in English. Season one ran from 23 October to June 2006. The second season was Mushi-shi-Next-Passage. It was directed by Koichiro Saotome, while the writer was again Hiroshi Nagahama.

The show was officially aired on April 5, 2014. on Tokyo MX, GTV, and BS11. it has 20 episodes, and it ran till December 21, 2014. Although it’s been almost 5 years since any new season, we surely know that there is going to be another season coming, due to the high popularity and success of the previous seasons. Most probably it will be out anytime in early 2022. let’s wait patiently for any update.

Mushishi Season 3 Trailer

Mushishi Season 3
Mushishi Season 3 poster

The trailer for any show releases a maximum of two or 1 months before the final premiere, but as mentioned above we don’t know anything clearly about the release date. Although season 3 is mostly confirmed let’s wait for an official update on this topic. Hence there is no reason news about the release date of the trailer yet. Mostly the show Mushi-shi does not feature any teaser before its arrival but this time we may hope for a trailer beforehand.

Viewers also expect the show to be more evolved in terms of its animation, quality, and storyline as it’s been a long time since the previous season. Let’s wait for any news related to the trailer releases date. Till then you can watch the trailer for Mushi-shi Season 1 and 2 available on youtube. Although the trailers are not official. But it may give you an idea of the anime. Click below to watch the trailer on Youtube.