Is Lodge 49 Season 3 Release Date Canceled By The Makers?

Created by Jim Gavin and American by origin, Lodge 49 is a television series in the comedy-drama genre. It was premiered on AMC cable in the USA on August 6, 2018. The inspiration for this series came from the novella The Crying of Lot 49 to the director Jim. This novella is authored by Thomas Pynchon. The series stars our favorite Wyatt Russell aka John Walker from The falcon and the winter Soldier, Brent Jennings, Sonia Casey, and many more. The series has two seasons covering about 20 episodes.

The first season of the series aired from August 6 2018 to October 2018 whereas the second season of Lodge 49 aired from August 12, 2019, to October 14, 2019. The length of each episode of the series swings between 42 minutes and 56 minutes. There are much bigger names in the producer list of the show including Paul Giamatti, Randall Einhorn, and Peter Ocko.

Lodge 49 Season 3 Release Date

Lodge 49 Season 3

The third season of Lodge 49 is not going to be created by the makers. Even the executive producers of the show tried to knock on the door of other television channels and online platforms to save the closing of the show for the third season. But it did not work and everyone denied the proposal for the third season of the show because everyone was quite worried about the low ratings of the show at the end of the second season. So if you want to enjoy Lodge 49, watch the previous two seasons that aired on the AMC network because the third season is not gonna be released due to its low viewer ratings.

Lodge 49 Season 3 Story Prediction

As the makers have no thought of making the third installment of the show so we should just move on with the hangover of the previous seasons of Lodge 49. Though everyone liked the first season of the show very much, still the viewership of the show reduced significantly in the second season. Even the channels and platforms are unwilling to risk their time and money in the third installment of the show. Yeah, it can be a little sadistic but that’s what the reality is and we would not be able to watch the third season. Since there is no new season, there is not even a single chance of a new story. So to pacify your urge of watching the show, watch the first and second seasons of Lodge 49.

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Lodge 49 Season 2 Quick Recap

Lodge 49’s plot is not quite interesting and has no significant storyline. Even the first installment of the show got much viewership but as the show progressed with time, the audience lost interest in the show. That’s why the viewer ratings almost nullified at the end of the second season. The show’s plot summarises that the story is about an optimistic local surfer Dud who is still hoping for the best even when his family business has collapsed down and his father has just demised. Dud joins the Order of the Lynx which was the depositor order of his father. He joins the order with the purpose to find the pacification which was lost due to incidents that happened in his life.

Lodge 49 Season 3 Cast

Lodge 49 season 3 is not set to be released yet if in the future any channel makes its mind to revive the show, the stars that are gonna appear in the third installment of the show are gonna be following stars -‌

Wyatt Russell as Sean “Dud” Dudley, an ex-surfer who discovers Lodge 49 and is looking to lead a happy life. Brent Jennings as Ernie Fontaine, a plumbing salesman and member of Lodge 49. Linda Emond as Connie Clark, a journalist married to Scott and a member of Lodge 49. Eric Allan Kramer as Scott Miller, a member of Lodge 49 who is married to Connie and serves as a Long Beach Port Harbor patrol officer. David Pasquesi as Blaise St. John, a member of Lodge 49 who operates an apothecary and is a philosopher of alchemy.‌ Sonya Cassidy is Liz Dudley, Dud’s twin sister who works as a waitress.

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