Who Is Scott Patterson Wife? Know More About His Life!

Actor as well as musician, you can call Scott a jack of all trades. Scott Gordon Patterson aka Scott Patterson famous among the audience for playing the character of Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls and Peter Strahm who was a secret agent in Saw films. Scott has a wife named Kristine Saryan who is a 36-year-old lady active in professional cinema along with Scott. Kristine is a great model and performs photoshoots for different magazines and Covers regularly. Is Kristine pregnant?? What are her upcoming plans for the future?? How did Scott make it so far in the industry?? All the anxieties related to these questions will be pacified below. So do read the blog till the end to know more about Scott Patterson as well as his wife Kristine.

Scott Patterson Early Life

Scott Patterson Wife

Scott was born in Pennsylvania on September 11, 1958, to Francis Ford Patterson IV who is an advertising executive, and Hope Gordon who was a journalist, homemaker with along being an actress. The most exciting thing about Scott is that he is a direct descendant of Napoleon the Great, Richard Stockton, and Richard Leeds. Patterson was inclined towards music from his childhood and formed a band when he was in third grade. He even played two songs with his band that were Steppin’ Stone and Back In The USSR. Scott first completed his High school in New Jersey and then completed his graduation in acting from New York from legends like Frank Corsaro and Paul Newman.

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Scott Patterson Professional Life

Scott’s professional career has two parts- one is the Basketball career and the second one is the acting career. Scott nearly invested seven years of his life from 1980 to 1986 as a pitcher in baseball. Scott was the top scorer at the Triple-A level and has been named Braves minor Pitcher of the month twice. Due to his excellent performance at Braves, he was transferred to New York Yankees and was named Minor league pitcher of the month there.

Talking about the acting career tt, he debuted in 1988 with the play the Great. He appeared in Little Big league. After that the portrayal of Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls. Scott also played a cameo in one episode of Will and Grace and It’s Like, you know films. Recently on 25 December 2016, Scott reappeared as Luke Danes in the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life which was streamed on Netflix.

Scott Patterson Wife

Scott Patterson Wife

Kristine Saryan is the wife of Scott Patterson and they have been together since 2014. Both of them also have a son named Nicholas who was born in the same year in which Scott married Kristine. They dated each other for a long time of 13 years and understood each other. Kristine found a coffee company in the name of Scott to show her love for his husband. Though she is not much active in the Hollywood industry, her net worth is not much less than the other acclaimed Hollywood actresses. Her net worth is about 3 million dollars which is about 300 K dollars.
Kristine is a paradigm for people who intend to succeed in life with hard work and persistence. Kristine worked hard for about ten years of her life to achieve what she has today and is inspiring millions of people for doing well.

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