Is GBWhatsApp safe and is it illegal to use

WhatsApp being simple, secure, and reliable messaging is one of the foremost used instant messaging application platforms and has almost 20,000 lakhs users worldwide. Due to its popularity, many application developers have tried to Make hay while the sun shines and developed different versions of the application. Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Prime are some popular different flavors of WhatsApp. let’s get into the depth of GBwhatsapp and Is GBWhatsApp safe to use.

Even though they all come with new, different, and cool features but there are also many consequences of using them. In this article, our discussion is going to be limited only to GBwhatsapp and the disadvantages of GBWhatsApp. So let’s being.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp
Is GBWhatsApp safe

As we told above, GBWhatsApp is one of the modified version of the official version of WhatsApp. There is a large ocean of modified modes of WhatsApp on the Internet, but GBWhatsApp is the most popular among them, why is it so? This is not only because of the features which it offers but because this app is regularly being updated from the developer side. Because of the developer’s support and its features you can use GBWhatsApp in a long run without having any issues.

Latest version information of GBWhatsApp:

Version Name8.70
App NameGBWhatsApp
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0 or above
Main Task   Based on WhatsApp With Extra Cool Features
Root RequiredNo
App Size43.9 MB

Features offered by GBWhatsApp

  • You can change the application and notification icon with this.
  • Send up to 90 images in one go.
  • You can create your own WhatsApp theme.
  • GBWhatsApp and original WhatsApp can work mutually without any problem.
  • It supports more than 100+ languages.
  • A status of 255 characters can be written instead of 139 characters.
  • You can copy others’ status on your clipboard too.
  • You can hide typing messages, Second tick, Blue ticks, last seen, and others.
Disadvantages of using GBWhatsApp
  • Videos up to 50MB can be sent.
  • New emojis.
  • You can make a call to unsaved contact.
  • Add effects in videos and images while sending.
  • DND mode disconnects the internet from GBWhatsApp.
  • Auto-reply feature.
  • Add a payment option.
  • Can play WhatsApp video in an external video player.
  • A forward message without a forwarding tag.
  • New fonts.
  • Anti-ban and many more.
  • You can view deleted messages and statuses.
Disadvantages of using GBWhatsApp

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Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

This application is a third-party application based on the official WhatsApp Messenger application and uses official WhatsApp servers. Nevertheless, GBWhatsApp is not published and developed by WhatsApp Inc., the official company of WhatsApp Messenger for Android. And thus there are some disadvantages of using GBWhatsApp.

1. To use this application you have to allow the following mentioned permissions in your phone: Kill Background Tasks, Access to Internet, Device Location Access, WiFi Access, Camera, Mike, Read Contacts, Modify Audio Settings, Record Audio, Send SMS, Vibrate, Write Contacts, Write External Storage, Use Maps Services, Bluetooth, NFC, Get Accounts Access.

Now you can conclude on your own that you have to expose your details a bit to this application. Since this is a third-party application then there’s a risk that your details can be leaked and misused by the provider.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

2. GBWhatsApp doesn’t support end-to-end encrypted messaging. Thus there’s a chance that the messages you may share can be read by any third person. There’s no guarantee your messages are safe. So, there is every hope that the message you are sending to your loved one will not only be read by your loved ones but by someone other too without your permission.

But still, if you want to use GBWhatsApp, try not to share your confidential details like passwords, bank credentials, or any other personal details on this application.

3. GBWhatsApp has a less secured hosted server thus it is more vulnerable to viruses like malware and spyware. And damage to your data can be caused by these viruses.

4. Since GBWhatsApp is not supported by Official WhatsApp thus if you get caught using the WhatsApp Mods then the Official version can ban you also. However, these modded applications are not illegal but WhatsApp Inc. doesn’t support them.

5. As we told you, GBWhatsApp is not an illegal Mod. But since they’re unofficial they’re not available on Play Store. You have to download it from the Web. So you have to manually update your application occasionally which for sure which is the work of a headache.

Our suggestions

We do not suggest you use any of the WhatsApp Mods because, on the internet, the privacy of your information comes first then comes everything else. But still, if you want to use these Mods to use some cool features try not to share your personal information. There are many disadvantages of GBWhatsApp and what is different is not necessarily safe so along with the advanced features think about the consequences too.

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