Henry Cavill Upcoming Series You Should Be Prepared For

Henry Cavill debuted in the acting world with the series Man of Steel, and after this, he never failed to steal the hearts of audiences. He gained the most popularity with his Superman role. He is always ready to entertain the public with back-to-back blockbusters. This year has proved a success for him. In the coming year also he’ll come with an adventure project soon. Henry Cavill is rumored to star in some upcoming series. Here’s the list of the upcoming projects.

Enola Holmes 

Henry Cavill Upcoming Series

Star in Nancy Springer’s book Sherlock Holmes based television series Enola Holmes will be done by Henry Cavill. Millie Bobby Brown, who also starred in Stranger’s things will be the co-partner of Henry Cavill in this adventurous series. Enola Holmes 2 is confirmed, Henry and Millie reprise it by their roles. Enola Holmes 1 debuted in September 2020 on Netflix. There is no fixed release date for Enola Holmes 2.

The Witcher Season 2 

Henry Cavill Upcoming Series

The Witcher series is fully based on fantasy, this is based on a book named The Witcher. It was one of the biggest hits, Henry. Producers announced the second season even before releasing season 1. Production of season 2 of The Witcher had faced many obstacles mainly due to covid 19. Makers announced that they will release season 2 in 2021, but due to the covid shooting had been stopped in March 2020 and after a long time filming of the series was resumed in August 2020.

The production work was again shut down because many members of the series were tested covid positive. And again it was started in the last week of September, but due to the leg injury of main star Henry, production again stopped in December. Teaser for season 2 has been released by Netflix earlier, but there is no fixed date for the release of season 2 of The Witcher.

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Zack Snyder’s Justice league 

Henry Cavill Upcoming Series

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, also called The Snyder Cut, is coming soon. After a long discussion between the director and producers, the 2017 version of the 2017 amazing fantasy was released. After it, they had started to work on it but production had to stop due to family tragedy. But now Henry promised to finish his series soon, and all will be very determined this year. Producers announced that they will release the series soon but didn’t fix any date to release it.


It is a spy thriller technical fantasy directed by Vaughn Cavill, starring Henry Cavill along with many co-stars like John Cena, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Howard, and Samuel Jackson. The first image of the thriller movie was shared by Cavill on Instagram, which was able to give a short idea about the movie. Photo contained black drops and Henry’s filmy character in the foreground.

In this movie Dua Lipa, who is a pop singer, will make her film debut, and also the main thing is, she will provide the original music to the title of the movie. This movie is based on a novel named Argyle about the world’s most talented spy. The movie will premiere soon.

The Rosie Project 

In the upcoming rom-com, Henry Cavill will be the main character. This is based on Graeme Simsion’s novel named The Rosie Project. The first picture of this project has been released in Sony pictures and production for the movie is also developing there only.

The writer, as well as the director of the movie, is Steve Falk. This story is about a man, who is a professor in a university and is unlucky towards love, but meets an eccentric girl who is completely opposite of his thinking for a wife. Shooting for the movie has not been started yet, but makers have announced that shooting will start in 2022.

Squadron 42

Henry Cavill is an all-rounder star, along with the movie, project, and series he will be present in a role in a video game named Squadron 42. Co-stars for this game are John Rhys, Mark Strong, Gillian Anderson, Ben Mendelsohn, and many more. The story of the game is about a Navy pilot. Voice behind the main character Ryan Enright is Henry Cavill. This action game will be released soon, it is announced by the makers that they will soon be done with it and will release it most probably in 2022.

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