Randy Orton Wife & Family, Know More About His Life!

Randal Keith Orton mostly called Randy Orton known as a Professional American wrestler and actor. He is a wrestler of WWE currently. As a part of the young generation everyone is a great fan of WWE and also audiences have their different Favorite characters. Just like that Randy’s fans also every time snooping to know about his personal life rather than his professional such as Randy Orton wife and know more about his life.

Randy is a third-generation Wrestler from his family. He became a successful wrestler at a very early age and became popular also. Just like his grandfather and father he is also a great wrestler in the field. Aside from his professional life, fans wanted to know Randy Orton’s wife and know more about his life. So let’s read more!

How Did Randy Orton Meet His Love of Life?


Orton is a professional American wrestler, 41 years old. He was born on 1 April 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee, US. In the year 2007, Orton married Samantha Speno but later they get separated after having their only girl child in the year 2012. It was heard in the rumors that, the reason behind his divorce was his anger. It will be said that randy has a great anger management issue. Every fan of his well –know about this fact. After this, all scenarios finally met with his love of life ‘Kim Marie Kesseler’. Firstly, they met in the New York event, where they started dating each other and went through the vacation to Bora Bora.

They married in Las Vegas and had a baby. As this was a second child of Orton and fourth of Kesseler. The first daughter from Samantha was also living with him. He found himself in heaven while living with his family and children. Randy Orton is acknowledged to be very close to all of them as they also share photographs and videos on their social media. Kim is known as the better half for Orton as she always supports him in wrestling even after the massive breakdown.

As they both found a very fun-loving couple because they always seem to share their daily fun life activity on social media handles. It was known that during Kim’s pregnancy, Orton was very possessive about his child and does care for her. Apart from personal life, their chemistry also showed on the red carpets and events.

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Controversies and Fun stories about Kim & Randy

In real life, their chemistry was a fantastic controversy for their fans. It was said, ‘with good things, bad rumors are always their best buddy’. It was found in the article on the internet in the year 2018 that, he was examined by WWE for sexual pestering when it was appealed that he had visible himself to new associates of the company’s writing work during his previous career. However, luckily there was nothing that came out by the investigation.

Kim Orton had already a dream to marry Randy Orton. She had a belief that one day she will be called the better half of Randy. Sometimes, media raises different kinds of questions like is there any status and prosperity motive behind married to Orton. This question made huge trouble for her on social media. As she found different harassment kinds of comments directly on her social media. At times, she is being situated t bullied in her interviews and also in the comment section. People started calling her Gold Digger.

But the best part is that they look happy together so there is no need to question them about their personal life. Before marrying Kim, Randy reveals that he was dating her for the last two years and finally proposed to her at the perfect time.

Randy Orton Wife

About Randy Orton’s Family

Randy Orton was firstly married to Samantha Speno in the year 2007. Due to mutual understanding, they get separated and he married Kim Marie Kesseler. Orton has two children one from his ex-wife and another from Kim named Alanna Marie Orton and Brooklyn Rose Orton.

Randal Keith Orton belongs to a great wrestler’s family. His Great grandfather, grandfather, and father was a wrestler. He is a WWE wrestler player.
Randy was found very active with interviews. He always conducted the interviews and events. You can watch the interview on YouTube. Further, the video is given below!

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