Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date And all possible Spoilers!

 ブラッククローバー/ Burakku Kurōbā is a Japanese manga series written and created by Yuki Tabata. This is a very famous manga series and is widely streamed all over the world. Shueisha is the original publisher of the following manga, while Viz Media is the publisher for its English version. Originally that manga used to get published in a weekly magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump.

The magazine is a newer version of Jump comics also created by Shueisha. There are a total of 30 volumes released to date. Each of the volumes consists of approx. 10- 30 parts. The current volume (30) which is going on is considered as the last volume, and the series has already reached its ending part.

The first-ever manga episode was released on 16 February 2015. The manga has successfully completed its 5 years of run and is still going on. Black Clover is a thrilling and adventurous manga full of magical abilities and objects. Later in 2017, the show was selected to be as an anime.

Therefore the original anime of Black Clover directed by Takashi Noto was released on 2nd May 2017. There are two more anime series created of manga of different volumes. Along with this a virtual Playstation game was also released that was based on the same Manga.

The first few volumes weren’t sold that much, but soon as the reader began catching interest in the comic. The copy purchase began increasing rapidly. The manga even made its place in Orican manga charts 10 times, it even had 11th position once. Same with anime, the famous anime streaming platform Crunchyroll also listed Black Clover in its top 100 anime list.

Later it was revealed that Black Clover was the most-watched anime on Crunchyroll for 2020. Black Clover also revived a few awards for its storyline, Direction, voicebanks. it has a total rating of 8.5 out of 10, which is impressive.

Plot For Black Clover Manga

The story revolves around a regular boy of the clove kingdom namely Asta. The manga shows the whole world a magical world where almost everyone yields some, magical power. According to the manga, there is a ritual where kids when completely turned 15 had to collect their grimoire in a ceremony held every year. Grimoire is a magical book that chooses its worthy owner itself and follows it everywhere. ts work is to note down every magical technique its owner posses or uses. Just when Asta and his brother Yuno turn 15 and we’re about to go to the ceremony, a magical knight appeared and told Asta that he doesn’t possess any magical power and almost no one knows about it.

Listening to this Asta was about to drop his dream of becoming the Magical King of the Clover kingdom. while Asta’s brother who is also his rival successfully receives his Grimoire. One day there was a sudden appearance of a dark Five clover Grimoire, which was taken by Asta, it also has a sword inside it.

Normal grimoire usually had 3 clovers, rare ones had 4 clovers, while the most powerful had 5 clovers, it was said that it consisted of devilish power and it only selects a worthy and powerful owner. Even after Asta didn’t have any magical powers since birth he trained so hard that he became very strong and powerful and hence was recognized by people. He had the responsibility to protect the kingdom from rivals, outsiders, the world demons along with his own rivals.

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Black Clover Manga Recap

The most recent chapter that was released was the 310 chapter. Here is the recap for it. In chapter 310 the final fight is still going on between Yuno and Zenon. As the fight continues Yuno teleports behind Zenon and uses his 4 stars to whip Zennon, Although it didn’t hit Zenon, it successfully broke the bones and the wall nearby Zenon. After getting up back Zenon casts some magical spells on his bone swords and began to swirl the sword around.

This swirling created white flashes all over the sky destroying the 3 stars of Yuno. After another powerful move by Zenon, he destroys the last star of Yuno. Zenon marks it as his victory just when Yuno goes into saint mode and casts the saint spell on his sword. And at the end, he creates a portal that threw sharp bones piercing all over Zenon’s body. Yuno lastly strikes over Zenon right through his heart.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date

Chapter 311 for Black Clover manga is all set to be released on 31 October 2021. Although this date is not confirmed yet by the original manga writing company, we can rely on this date. The next episode is going to continue from when Yuno defeats Zenon in the fight. The manga is currently in its ending part. You will be able to read that manga on VIZ Media’s official website and Shonen Jump Magazine. Till the next release let’s wait patiently and meet after the chapter 311 release.

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