Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 13 Release Date Update!

It is a romantic South Korean drama and an unexpected interaction between two different personalities in different conditions. Parvenu was less educated but had a prestigious family. And she was trying to save a museum.

On the other hand Prince, a poor boy, was never a topic of concern for Dali, who was born in a rich family. However, one day she is left with zero property due to her father’s unexpected death and bankruptcy. Dali was struggling to save the museum that her father wanted to protect before he died , and a greedy man showed up and even knowing her condition, demanded her to pay off a debt of $2,000,000 that she was unable to pay.

But he is forcing her to pay the balance. she was working as a researcher in the Netherlands.In this korean drama lead role of male was first offered to actor Lee Jae-wook but after him it was given to another person. Filming was scheduled to begin in April 2021.

Dali And Cocky Prince Episodes Recap

Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 10

Dali and Cocky Prince starts with Jin Moo Hak as the business giant disciplining the hotel staff after a taster session of gamjatang. This guy seems obsessed with gamjatang and even calculates everything with bowls of gamjatang. Hats off to Mr Jin’s dedication. Jin Moo Hak was a very intelligent person and he had a god gifted skill of making money and he was assigned a contract for which he was working in Netherland .The cliche set-up of father cancelling all his credit cards leaving a penniless Moo Hak stranded alone in a foreign country.

Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 13 Cast

Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae) was from the restaurant family .
He has one elder sibling and his father was engaged in restaurant work.
The company was started by his father , who was a less educated person but had a sharp business mind. Due to the hard work of his father they have a big and well reputed restaurant. And because of his father only, Moo Hak was also a sharp minded person.

Meanwhile, Kim Da-Li is a visiting researcher at an art gallery. She belongs to a very rich family and has no siblings . Consequently pampered by her parents. But she was good at communication and could speak 7 different languages.
Apart from this she hasn’t been involved in household work like cooking, gardening etc. But because of her skills and communication she was a person of notice. They both again meet at an art gallery, because both work for a museum.

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Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 13 Release Date

Is episode 13 cancelled? Till now 12 episodes have come along with dramatic entertainment with them. But here’s some good news for the fans who are waiting eagerly for the next episode. Episode 13 hasn’t been cancelled and will release on 3rd November, 2021 at 9.30 pm KST on the KBS2 channel.Later, they both spend some time with each other in Dali’s home. They started to trust their companion and consider it precious .One thing in this drama is that Moo Hak gave his precious watch to Dali . But they are on the way to face many obstacles.

Dali And Cocky Prince Episode 13 Preview

Drama shows the gentle moments between Moo Hak and Dali. Dali, a researcher in the Art Gallery, and Moo Hak, a food company executive. Dali is a nice artist and a kind hearted person.
But Moo Hak was a very clever and money maker . He teases Dali for her low skills and less active mind.

The drama written by Son Eun-hye Park Se-eun , Directed by Lee Jung-seob,Starring Kim Min-jae Park Gyu-young,Composer Cho In-hee is not true.
It’s a fictional story , having a fabulous combination of drama and romance .


September and October are the months which will give one to one best Korean drama this time. These series and dramas are gaining so much love from the audience . The Ratings of these shows are promising.
Dali and Cocky Prince had gained ratings of 4.4 percent since its premiere episode was released.
Overall rating is 4.9 out of 5 . This drama took the hearts of the audience. All are expecting more content from it.

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