Kristen Gutoskie Husband: Is The Actress Single Or Dating?

Kristen Gutoskie is one of the best Canadian actresses. She was born on the 23rd of August,1985 in Canada. Kristen Gutoskie is best known for her role as Katie Frank. She played Rachel in a famous television series. Her work in vampire diaries also gets the hearts of the audience.  Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is an ambitious, beautiful, and intelligent actress from Canada.

Kristen Gutoskie Early life

She was born in Canada on 23rd August 1985. Her hometown is Toronto (Canada). She was the only girl of their parents. Her mother’s name is Jules who is also a Canadian. His father Jon Stewart raised her up with full focus and care. She has been closer to her father since childhood. She debuted in acting in her early teenage years. Before it, she took admission to Wilfrid Laurier  University of acting and trained in another city.

She lived in a hostel and worked day and night to bring out her better self. She has a bulldog named Carl, she also calls it her best friend. Kristen Gutoskie started to learn piano when she was 8 and won many singing competitions during her University days. She had played the role of a child artist in many shows like Real adventures on discovery and Real kids. During her study at university, she participated in charity shows.

Kristen Gutoskie Professional Life

In 1999, she played the role of Coli’s daughter in Restless spirits. And after this movie, she became a topic of the headlines of every newspaper. Then she had back-to-back movies like the verdict in blood in 2002 as Leah. In 2010, she played the role of Roxy Dunbarton, in Vacation with Derek.

Kristen Gutoskie appeared in the movie “The moon point”  for the role of Sarah cherry in 2011. In The dust storm, she played the role of Nora, in 2016.

She has also played lead roles in many television series, like in The Handmaid’s Tale as Beth, in 2017, as Molly Hendricks, in Lethal weapon in 2016. In relationship status as Pembrooke in 2016, in containment as Katie Frank. She gained so much love for her main role as Katie Frank and is best known for this role. She played the role of Rachel in Beaver falls, in 2011, as Chloe Cruz in Chicago Fire, Beth in Aaron stone, and as Seline in vampire diaries.

System crash, in a heartbeat, pure pwnage, and Being Erica are also some web series by her. In the series The dust series, she has sung two songs with the soundtrack. And she always aimed to make a positive impression on adults and teenagers. She also worked as a producer in recession dating.

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Why Is Kristen Gutoskie Famous?

She is one of the world-famous actresses. Kristen Gutoskie made herself loved by everyone because of her outstanding qualities of acting. She is best known for her role as Katie Frank in the television series containment. And then her character as Rachel in Beaver falls, followed by seline in the Vampire diaries and Molly Hendricks in Lethal weapon.

Kristen Gutoskie Awards

She has received many awards for her acting. In 2020, she received an outstanding performance award for the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, released in 2017. In the year 2020, At the Seattle film festival, Kristen Gutoskie was nominated for the SFF award for a feature film The Maestro, released in 2018. She had received the best actress award for her series beaver falls for her act of Rachel.

In 2019, she won the screen actor guild award for best acting in drama series. In 2013, she received the best actress award for her short film “playground of dreams”. She was nominated for the best actress award for her recurring role in Chicago fires, in 2018.

Kristen Gutoskie Net Worth

Husband Of Kristen Gutoskie

Kristen Gutoskie is counted as the richest television actress and also listed as one of the most successful actresses. Her net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

She is currently living in her own purchased house with her family. Her income source is her acting as her profession.

Kristen Gutoskie Husband

Kristen Gutoskie is unmarried and she is not dating anyone else according to records of  2021. And according to records till now she has not been previously engaged with anyone else. And she had confirmed officially that she will not be engaged with anyone for this year.

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