Truth Seekers Season 2 Release Date Seems Canceled!

Truth Seekers season 1 released in 2020, is a British comedy horror tv series. Writers of the series are Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz, and Nat Saunders, collectively. It was directed by Jim Field Smith. There were 8 episodes in season 1. This series was created by Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz, and Nat Saunders. The first two episodes streamed at the CannesSeries Festival (platform for entertainment) on 10 October 2020, and simultaneously on Amazon Prime Video release on 30 October 2020.

When Gus, Astrid, and Elton John succeed to connect 8G internet service to the location they wanted, his customs were interrupted, leaving him unbreathed and unlikely to return again at the series. Along the way, Astrid, who has just proved that she is a ghost, disappears after fighting with a spirit that was helping Dr. Toynbee in his mission.
Nick Frost is the character of Gus Roberts: A broadband and well-versed installer for Smyle internet. He has an interest in paranormal and supernatural investigations, and Frost described his character as someone “lost and looking for at least some real truth in many aspects of his whole life.”
It’s almost a fiction-based story, so everything written was just a creation of the mind.

Truth Seekers Season 2 Release Date

The trailer of the series was released on 23 July 2020. It was very loved by the audience and everyone started to wait eagerly for the episodes. And the wait was over in October 2020, the very first episode premiered on 10th October 2020, On one of the best platforms completely for the series but on Amazon prime video it was released on 30th October.
But unfortunately on the 11th of Feb Nick Frost announced the bad news for the fans that the show was canceled after only one season. Season 2 will not be there, according to the news.

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Truth Seekers Recap

Truth Seekers Season 2

Mrs. Connelly’s tv was hanged so she calls Smyle to repair her Smart TV. Meanwhile, Gus and Elton discover a secret image of another room. As seeing some abnormal behavior Connelly stares into Pepper’s eyes who was standing there and the two seem to be surrounded by a soul-halo, but it is unnoticed by Gus and Elton as they were doing the research, and her dog dies unexpectedly. Satisfied about the work that they have solved both the TV signal and paranormal issue Gus and Elton leave. As they drive away they come to know that Astrid is hidden in the back of their van and they didn’t even notice.
Gus and Elton are sent to fix the issue of some connections at The Portland, a horror place, and they experience “the one and only horror-themed hotel.

They finally have a face-to-face meeting with Astrid, who is being chased by ghosts but they didn’t know; Gus finally decides to visit psychic medium Janey Feathers and there he performs his first-ever exorcism experiment. Elton decides to take his sister, who was not with them for a long time, Helen, to the Coventry Collectibles and someday to the Cosplay Convention. Toynbee decides to set a trap, and Gus prepares to join the trip, Richard comes along too. Gus wants Elton to put it in a bag and also take on his backpack. Then they heard some noise like some beast.

All got afraid and started to run, but could not succeed because the building was locked. They all after having no idea to escape decide to use their invention to carry out a survey of the former Institute for the Criminally mind for their research, now being converted into apartments, he realized the truth and as Toynbee’s evil plan draws closer to its final conclusion and revealed step by step, the Truth Seekers come to understand what he’s up to.

Is Truth Seekers A True Story?

A team of super investigators caught up in a plan for which they never thought. Every story has a writer’s mind used in it. No story is completely true, to make a real story more interesting something has to be modified. The same happens with truth-seekers, it’s not completely true but it is inspired by a real event. The series is full of supernatural things, and one of the mysteries and entertaining stretches throughout the series centers on a broadcast radio channel, to make it more interactive.

Truth Seekers Reception

Truth Seekers Season 2

According to IMDb, the age rating is comparatively low for this Nick Frost horror-comedy. It’s set on TV-14 in the U.S and this means it’s suitable only for those who are of 14 years right now or older. There are some jump scares in the series. There are some entertaining scenes with Gus’s dad, played by Malcolm McDowell, which don’t really add much to the series and make it a little boring.
But the scary images of zombies and other monsters were enough to shock and surprise viewers. The rating of the series is 7.1 out of 10, that’s really a nice score. Overall the series is worth watching.

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