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Any Fairuzians here? If you’re not, watch the independent films done by her. You’ll definitely finish falling in love with her acting skills. American by origin, Fairuza Balk was born on May 21, 1974. She is also a visual artist and musician along with an actress. Balk is known for acting skills in the dark genre where the character is like grass in a snake, Not looking dangerous from outside but can turn the table if become active. Balk is applauded by critics for her work in independent films.

Where other actors focus on commercial films and money, Balk focuses on honing her acting skills as much as she can which can only be done by acting in different roles in different films. While commercial cinema ties the actor with a particular genre, independent cinema gives freedom to do experiments with the character and polish it with your actings skills. That’s why Fairuza Balk focuses more on independent films.

Early Life Of Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk was born in California on May 21, 1974. She was born to Catherine Balk and Soloman Feldthouse who was a musician by profession. Her name Fairuza is as unique as her persona. ‘Fairuza’ is a Persian world which means “Turquoise” in English which is the color of the eyes of Fairuza. Balk’s father was an accomplished musician and already used to travel abroad with his family and band Kaleidoscope. Fairuza went to Turkey, Britain, and many other countries including France with her father and learned different types of music like Iraqi, Armenian and many more.

Professional Life Of Fairuza Balk

net worth of fairuza balk

The successful career of Balk started when she debuted with the film Return to Oz in which she played the character of Dorothy Gale. This film was made under the production of Disney. Thereafter, Fairuza featured in a series of films like Gas food lodging, Imaginary crimes, Valmont, The Craft and others including the most recent performance of Balk which is in Amazon Prime City Paradise City.

Though Balk made her feature film debut in 1985, she already debuted on the small screen in 1983 with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
Along with great acting skills, Balk’s vocal skills are also much appreciated. Her single ‘stormwinds’ under her music outlet Armed Love Militia in 2010. The storm-breaking success of the ‘stormwinds’.

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Fairuza Balk Net Worth

According to the survey conducted by Celebrity net worth, the net worth of Fairuza Balk is about 2 million dollars which is about 15 crore in Indian Rupees. Though Fairuza’s net worth is much less than the other Hollywood celebs, that’s not because she is any less than him. The reason behind the fall in net worth is the less number of performance of Balk in commercial films.

Personal Life Of Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk is not quite open about her personal life and always keeps it a secret. Yeah, she was rumored to have a relationship with actor, producer, and writer Crispin Glover between 2002 and 2004. But after that, no such rumor was confirmed and Balk is expected to be single since then. She has been focusing on her work for now and working as much as she can to excel in her field.
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