Skylines Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

Netflix’s original Skylines is a German series that features Edin Hasanovic, Erdal Eryıldız, Murathan Muslu and Sahin Eryilmaz, Peri Baumeister in lead roles. The Story of Skylines depicts a very famous hip-hop producer (Hasanovic as Jinn) gets tossed into the violent world of crime when the skyline record label he signs to gets to be the centre of a lethal drug business. Season one contains a total of 6 episodes and was premiered in 2019. Season one got fame more than the expectation, now viewers are wondering about season 2. However, the makers didn’t announce the renewal of the show yet. Season 2 is gonna happen or not?

Skylines Season 2 is Happening Or Not?

Season one was released in 2019 and got favourable responses from all over the world and critics were also praised. Since season one was released viewers started wondering about season two and they seem very excited about it. But unfortunately, Netflix got entangled in a dispute with Jan Lehmann real owner of Skyline Records. He stated that Netflix intentionally used the name of his record label. Lehmann went to charge the streamer for spoiling his brand image by illustrating events of drug trafficking and other crimes. Netflix decided to pull the plug on the series. 

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Skylines Storyline

Skylines Season 2

The story sets in the bustling city of Frankfurt and follows Jinn, a hip-hop producer. He always wanted to be a record producer, music is an inevitable part of his life and he knows how to fulfil his dreams. when a well-known record headline reaches out to him he got that one chance he was waiting for. He decided to give his best to this opportunity and wants to make the most of it. Skyline Records is a leading music company, it is something that anyone like.
When Jinn passes over his new boss he is being forced to do some kind of thing that gonna change everything. Being a loyal employee and believing that it is temporary until he becomes rich and famous. He decided to do all the things he asked for, but he put himself into trouble after doing so. Risk factors increased day by day and he was getting far from the world he always wanted for himself. What will happen next, will he continue or not is the story of Jinn’s problematic journey.

Skylines Cast And Their Characters

Skylines season one includes Edin Hasanovic as Jinn, Anna Herrmann as Lily, Murathan Muslu as Kalifa, Peri Baumeister as Sara and Sahin Eryilmaz as Semir, Erdal Yildiz as Ardan in leading roles. Show also includes Lisa Maria Potthoff as Celine, Carol Schuler as Zilan,
Slavko Popadic as Dejan, Dustin Schanz as Manuel. Additionally includes Sascha Nathan as Hocki, Kasem Hoxha as Thanas Kelmendi, Zejhun Demirov as Pezo.

Skylines Season 1 Episode Guide!

Season one contains a total of six episodes available on Netflix here are the description of each episode as provided by Netflix:

  1. Zero Six Nine

Jinn grabs the attention of a major label executive after performing with his partner Tonik at a hip-hop showcase.

  1. Skyline Shines

Kalifa along with his brother Ardan locate themselves at odds over Ardan’s difficult job.
Against a favourable opportunity, Jinn weighs his loyalty to Tonik.

  1. What I Mean

Difficulties and disagreement heat up between the gangs as golden treats hit the streets. Simultaneously Jinn starts work with an unexpectedly contentious lyricist.

  1. Storm

The fourth episode shows As the cracks in Jinn’s family starts to show, Ardan’s undertakings start to seep into Skyline’s conspiracies. Meanwhile, Sara blurs business with satisfaction.

  1. Rose in concrete

The fifth episode shows Zilan assists Jinn to him seek revenge, but it only lands them both in dangerous positions. Seeking his mark, Sara’s informant gets too close for solace.

  1. Angel or devil

In the sixth and last episode, Kalifa endeavour to let go of his past With a contract on the line for Skyline. As Sara’s life waves out of control, Jinn gets a career-changing offer.

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