Remember You Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

Remember You also known as Hello monster is a 2015 south Korean television series, which premiered on KBS2 from 22nd June to 11th August. New episodes were released every Monday and Tuesday and a total of 16 episodes comprised of the first season. It is a thriller, mystery, and police procedural drama which was written by Kwon Ki-young and directed by Noh Sang-hoon and Kim Jin-won.

The average runtime of each episode is around 70 minutes. The show did not gain good ratings but still managed to become popular among the audience and critics who praised the story and the performances by the cast members. Remember you also managed to earn various nominations in various award shows and managed to win few awards mainly for its cast. The show was internationally broadcasted only in Malaysia in the year 2018.

Remember You Season 2 Release Date

The show ran from 22nd June 2015 to 11th August 2015 on KBS2, in which every Monday and Tuesdays new episodes were premiered which ran until the 16th episode. Since the conclusion of season 1, there has been no announcement from the makers of the show whether the show will return with a second season or not, if we see the south Korean television industry trends the chances of the show returning for a new season stands very less as most shows are concluded after a single season in South Korea.

Remember You Season 2 Story

Lee Hyun, who is an intelligent profiler and solves cases very quickly returns to his home in Korea after he is being sent to solve a case but ends up getting flashbacks of memory he would never forget. Unknown to him one of his team members Detective Cha Ji-an has been keeping an eye on him and investigating him, to find out about his past.

She comes to know that Lee Hyun’s father was murdered and his brother mysteriously got disappeared and all these events involved a criminal named Lee Joon Young, whom they both want to be found and put in prison, both of them try to outsmart each other by unraveling each other and this cat and mouse game continues until they are unaware of the master plan of the big player behind all these and how they see blurring lines between good and evil.

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Remember You Season 1 Recap

The story starts with a flashback as we see young Lee Hyun and then as the narrative skills to present we see his older self walking across streets and lanes where he spent his childhood, as he walks across his house, he recalls the memories of Lee Joon-young, the man who murdered his father. After some time he and his team of police officers meet at a crime scene of serial killing. Lee Hyun helps his team member Cha Ji-an, which prevents the next victim to get killed. Hyun and Ji-an interview a suspect and meanwhile tries to uncover various internal issues, meanwhile, the real suspect is arrested from China but Ji-an is scolded by superiors for the way Lee Hyun handled the case.

Hyun and Ji-an investigate the murder of a police officer only to find that he is the son of a man wrongfully convicted in the prison. Ji-an is also attacked in her house following the investigation of this case and the person who saves her is suspected to be behind the attack at the first place, we also see Lee Joon Young’s backstory of how he was exploited at various stages and we are left with the question did all these pain make him a killer.

Remember You Season 2 Cast

Remember You Season 2

Seo In-guk plays Lee Hyun, whereas the younger version of him is played by Hong Hyun-taek. Lee Hyun has been a different person for a long time, he always craved for his father’s attention and in order to do that he would end up getting himself in trouble, his father was a police officer who locked Lee in a room so that he would not do anything harmful or unlawful. Since he is an intelligent child, he goes to study abroad and becomes a professor, but he loses his childhood memories only to recollect them when he returns to Korea for solving a serial killing which he suspects is done by his own brother.

Jang Na-ra plays Cha Ji-an and the younger version is played by Park Ji-so, Cha Ji-an’s father was also a convict who escaped the prison and got disappeared along with Lee Joon Young, she became a police officer and works together with Lee Hyun who she stalked her entire childhood. Choi Won-young as Lee Joon-ho / Lee Joon-young and the young self is played by Do Kyung-so, Lee Joon Young had a very troubled childhood and went through pain, he was badly exploited and abused which created negative thoughts in his mind and he eventually becomes a murderer.

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