Baking Impossible Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Reality television is highly tuned in, be it dance shows or music competitions, but these have grown old and new types of reality television shows have emerged both in the mainstream television as well as the OTT market, one such show that has recently been released on Netflix is Baking Impossible, it is a one of a kind unique show where top professional bakers from different parts teams up with Engineers to make edible products that must have qualities such as tasting delicious and surviving extreme engineering tests with applied physics

. All of them have to compete in this tough battle to win $100,000 as of the grand prize. The show currently has one season with 8 episodes in it each of 50 minutes approx. The show is hosted by Justin Willman. The final episodes are set to premiere next week. Baking Impossible is one such show that is set to get you glued to screens as it is a unique and learning experience altogether, this show breaks the barriers between science and cooking, we would come across creations that we never imagined, and after watching baking impossible we would never see things like cake as an ordinary object of eating but we would start thinking of the science involved in it that makes it unique.

Baking Impossible Season 2 Release Date

The series consists of 8 episodes which out of which 6 were released on 6th October 2021 and the final 2 episodes are set to premiere on 13th October 2021. As of now, there has been no announcement regarding the next season of the show as the first season has still not ended, but we can expect an announcement from the makers and Netflix related to season 2 somewhere in December, and season 2 could premiere somewhere in mid-2022.

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Baking Impossible Season 2 Story

Baking impossible is a reality television show where top professional bakers have to team up with experienced engineers to make edible things like cake but with a twist that these things should be able to survive extreme tests, the show currently has 8 episodes each titled according to the challenge. Episode 1 is titled whatever floats your boat, in this episode contestants have to make a boat out of cake, looks fairly simple but these boats also have to float on water. The second episode is Off the robot races where they have to make robots out of pastry items, the third episode is titled sweet chain reaction where contestants have to present a working chain reaction effect from the start to the finish.

The fourth episode asks contestants to make a mini-golf course made entirely of cake and pastry which is practically tested by the judges. The fifth episode is titled cake on the catwalk where contestants have to make costumes for models in a fashion show but these costumes should be edible. The sixth episode is titled baking to the new heights where contestants are faced with a tough challenge to make skyscrapers and buildings out of cake which will be tested by an artificial earthquake to check its strength.

The seventh episode is titled crash test yummy which is set to release next week whereas the final episode is called the bridge to victory which would finally decide the winner of season 1 of baking impossible, but it would not be that easy for the teams as there is a panel of judges who keep an eye on everything that is made and how much strength it can hold. The show is not about making a simple cake with a unique shape but that cake should also be able to stand still across the difficult challenges put by the judges and that would decide the ultimate winner.

Baking Impossible Season 2 Cast

Baking impossible is hosted by Justin Willman, who is an American magician, comedian, producer, and TV show host. Williman has hosted cookery reality shows like cupcake wars and Halloween wars and has been a regular appearance on Ellen DeGeneres and Conan O’Brien shows. Justin also is a part of. A non-profit organization called magic aid which aims to make health care more accessible and make people’s hospital experience better.

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