Is Women Of The Night Season 2 Coming Soon?

Women of the Night is a Dutch crime drama series that is mingled with crime, drama, and vulgarity. Women of the night is a very well-created show whose main highlight is its well-descripted story writing. It is created by lan ginn and Maarten Almekinders is a woman-dominated show highlighting the legal prostitution in Amsterdam. Produced in the Netherlands, this show didn’t have the original name Women of the night, instead, it was Keizersvrouwen. Comprising of a total of 10 episodes, the show basically falls in the category of miniseries. With a cast chosen from all around the world, this series introduces the audience to the cultural and acting diversity of the world.

Women of the Night Season 2 Release Date

Women of the Night Season 2

If the covid had not struck in 2019, the second installment of the show could be released in March 2021. But as the covid struck every field of the world and all the projects hit a bad patch, the series Women of the night season 2 scheduled to be released in March 2021 got down on its knees and still, no one knows when it is going to be released. But the updates right from the OTT excel Netflix is that most probably Women of the night season 2 is going to be released in March 2022.

Though everyone willing to watch the second season of Women of the night will be pleased by this update this is just an update, there is no official announcement from streaming platform Netflix yet. Till then, the Liveakhbar team is following the trail of regular updates regarding the release of Women of the night season 2.

Women of the Night Season 2 Plot

Women of the night season 2 will have most probably the continuation of the troubles in Xandra’s life and the whole series will go through and explore this journey of Xandra further. It will also show how deeply Xandra is haunted by her past filled with sex, drugs, violence and how she’ll deal with all of this to get out of it. Ultimately the returning of Xandra to her happy married life will be the best ending but that can only be achieved by creating a series of events that consequently lead to this climax by a powerful writer.

This was a possible plot for the second season of Women of the night but still, we don’t know what’s going on in the creator’s and director’s minds. On both of these heads, all of the story structure depends and they’ll decide how they want to proceed with the story. We can just make assumptions sitting on our chairs but the plot discussed above is most probably going to be used for the show.

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Women of the Night Season 1 Recap

The Women of the night season 1 was filled with power, vulgar and luxury stuff. The plot of the Women of the night season 1 is based in Amsterdam where the political scenario is such that leaders can cross any limit to get the topmost power. Suddenly the creators left this story in a cold bag and move forward with the story of Xandra Keizer who was a prostitute before she got married. Her reason for becoming a prostitute was her mother who pushed her into the nightlife filled with drugs, violence, and obscenity. But after getting married and living a happy married life, she was haunted again by her past when due to some events, she again got entangled in that vulgar and non-moral world.

The story moves forward as Xandra tries to get out of the past she is living now and how she sinks more and more into the problems

Women of the Night Season 2 Cast

The cast of Women of the night is a revolution in itself as the show’s cast is a jumble of magnificent female actors put properly at the right place who maintain the flow of the story. Karina Smulders as Xandra Keizer is definitely going to amaze the audience in her role as lead actor and will certainly get the acknowledgment of the critics. Other actors that can appear in the second season can be Susan Radder aka Lulu Keizer, Matteo van der Grijn aka Michiel Pressman, Hilde van Mieghem aka Sylvia Keizer, Imanuelle Grives aka Pamela, Thijs Römer aka Beertje, Dragan Bakema aka Ralph Rabbit, Mike Lebanon as Ronnie, Roeland Fernhout aka Cees de Wolf, Daphne Wellens aka Marieke, Isis Cabolet aka Anne, Julia Akkermans aka Janna, Anne-Laure Vandeputte aka Bibi, Nienke van Hofslot aka Daisy, and Joy Wielkens aka Kea.

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