When Is The Keepers Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

Documentary series is a popular genre nowadays, people seem to get more and more invested in this type of entertainment. This type of show is made like a documentary film but in the format of an extended episode. Netflix is known to create many such documentary series which have gained good ratings post-release as they explore stories that are hidden somewhere.

One of the most popular docu-series by Netflix is wild country but there are other series also which are equally fascinating, we are going to talk about one such series today which is called the keepers, which is a seven-episode mystery documentary web series that explores a 1969 unsolved mystery, which still fascinates a lot of people. The show is based upon the disappearance and murder of nun Cathrine casnik, and the alleged involvement of local authorities to cover up the case to protect a suspected priest. The show holds an average rating of 97 % on rotten Tomatoes which makes it a must-watch for its various aspects.

The Keepers Season 2 Release Date

The series was released on 19th May 2017 on Netflix, all the seven episodes were released on a single day, the makers stated that the story was finished with season one but since the series got good response from critics and audience for its realism and fearlessly putting across facts, we can expect that show creators along with Netflix could come up with similar kind of stories in the future.

The Keepers Season 2 Plot

The story is based upon the actual events that occurred in the year 1969 and followed over the course of many years to come. It follows the disappearance and ultimately death of nun Cathrine Casnik, who was a teacher of English and drama at the all-girls Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, it is believed that she came across incidents where she found out about the sexual assaults happening with the girls staying in the school and these crimes were done by non-other than the priest of the high school along with few of his colleagues.

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The Keepers Season 1 Recap

The Keepers Season 2

The first episode of the show is titled “The murder” and it opens with former students of Archbishop Keough High school Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub who are now investigating the disappearance and death of nun Cathrine Casnik in 1969, over the next episode we come across the allegations put across by girls of high school against the priest Father Maskell and how he took one of the former student Jane Doe to see the body of Nun Cathrine and threatened to do same with her as well if she opens up about his wrongdoings. By 1992 Jane Doe starts to receive threats about not coming forward and speak against Father Maskell and some other men involved in the crime.

In 1994 two students filed a lawsuit against Father Maskell but they are dismissed by pressure from people from power. Over the next episode, new suspects are found out who may have been involved in the killing of nun Cathrine Casnik after which her sister also joins the cause to find out the events that lead to her mysterious disappearance and ultimately her untimely death.

In the season finale we see how the church and the people involved in it knew about all the wrongdoings of father Maskell but choose to ignore and Nun Cathrine Casnik never got justice for the right cause she stood for, the case was never put to a proper trial and accused were never punished for the crimes they committed, instead, they lived their life comfortably until they died of natural causes.

The Keepers Season 2 Cast

The show uses real-life persons whose archives are shown and interviews are taken. Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub are the former students of Archbishop Keough High school who take on themselves to investigate the death of nun Cathrine Casnik. Father Joseph Maskell was accused of sexual assault allegations by many girl students of the high school. Jean Hargadon Wehner (a.k.a. Jane Doe), who was a former student and tried to stand against the Father and his wrongdoings. Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic, who is nun Cathrine Casnik’s sister and takes up the responsibility to find out about her sister and give her justice.

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