Is The Billion Dollar Code Based On A True Story?

Netflix has all types of series and movies for its audience. It always delivers several hit foreign series from almost every country. Netflix is one of the most popular ott platforms and always comes with new surprises. This time Netflix is back with the German series The Billion Dollar Code. After watching the series people are going crazy. And may people are curious to know that is Billion Dollar Code is based on a true story?

Before going ahead let me ask you a question. What type of content do you like to watch a series or a movie based on a true story or scripted? I think most of us would choose a series based on a true story. Because true stories make us feel excited and at the same time curiosity level increases to know the actual event. Yes, The Billion Dollar Code is also based on a true story from the 90s. This series was released recently on 7 October and after watching the series fans are desperately wanting to know more about it. So in this article, we have brought everything for you all so read till the end to know everything in detail.

The Billion Dollar Code Release Date

Is The Billion Dollar Code Based On A True Story

The Billion Dollar Code is German Mini series of the genre crime and thriller. Which is directed by Robert Thalheim.The series was released on 7 October 2021 originally released in the German language. Billion Dollar Code was originally released on Netflix.
This is not a long series it is a mini-series that has only 4 episodes with a running timing of 58-77 minutes. It has been only two days since the series was released but fans are giving positive feedback and ratings. On IMDb, it has a rating of 8.1 out of 10.

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Billion Dollar Code Cast

Written by Oliver Ziegenbalg.Produced by Andreas Banz, Stephan Barth, Annie Schilling,Szandra Barbara Pozsar, etc. The cast of the series involves Bjorn Freiberg as Interpreter, Seumas F. Sargent as Eric Spears, Dan Cade as Matt Boyd, Leonard Scheicher, Lukas Loughran as Brian Anderson, Marius Ahrendt, Yuki Iwamoto as Buchou, Michelle Glick as Janet Martinez,Thomas Douglas as Ralph.

Other cast members include
Misel Maticevic , Mark Waschke, Lavinia Wilson, Scott Alexander Young as Partner, Harry Szovik as Barman, Christoph Tomanek as Manfred Kurt, Clayton Nemrow as Warren Stuart.

Is The Billion Dollar Code Based On A True Story?

The Billion Dollar Code is a true story of the Winklevoss brothers. In 1994 the two brothers created a Terra Vision and there struggle for proving that they are the owner of the algorithm behind Google Earth. It is the incredible story of two German computer developers. They go to court to fight for their rights and also to battle against a seemingly unbeatable opponent. When ART+ COM filed a patent against the copyright infringement act since the algorithm made by the two brothers was somewhere similar to google earth. The series revolves around the struggle for fighting for justice. And challenges faced by them to achieve the glory that they deserve.

Billion Dollar Code Trailer

The trailer of the series was released one week ago and people appreciated the trailer. Everyone unaware of the story is appreciating the production house for making this series. People are not only enjoying the trailer but also enjoying and appreciating the series. If you haven’t watched the trailer then don’t worry we are dropping it here. And also go and watch the series on Netflix.

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