Is Catch Me If You Can A True Story?

Netflix is one of the most popular ott platforms. Which offers amazing movies or series to entertain its audience. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Based on Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale Jr. Stan Redding. Catch me if you can is a biographical crime drama which was released on 25 December 2002 in the USA. With the running timing of 141 minutes.

Don’t be shocked we know that Catch me if you can is a nineteen-year-old movie. But still, people are loving it and some of the viewers are going crazy for watching it. It was rated with 8.1 out of 10 on IMDB. The Budget of the movie was $52 million and it earned on Box office $352.1 million.

Where to watch Catch Me If You Can?

Catch me if you can is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, for a worldwide audience. This film is not free to watch you have to buy it for rent. It was released on Netflix last year on 30 April. You can also watch it online on Hulu.

Catch Me If You Can Cast and character

Produced by Steven Spielberg, and Walter F. Parkes. The Film features Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, Christopher Walken as Frank Abagnale, Tom Hanks as Carl Hanratty, Martin Sheen as Roger Strong, Nathalie Baye as Paula Abagnale.

Amy Adams as Brenda Strong, James Brolin as Jack Barnes, Nancy Lenehan as Carol Strong, Candice Azzara as Darcy, Malachi Throne as Abe Penner, Alfred Dennis as Ira Penner, Thomas Kopache as Principal Evans, Amy Acker as Miggy Acker.

Is Catch Me If You Can A True Story?

Catch Me If You Can

Is Catch me if you can is a true story? then it is a big yes. Catch Me If You Can is a real-life-based story. The story starts in the year 1969. Outside the jail of France, one FBI agent Carl Hanratty and he wants to meet an American prisoner who has been jailed in France. Carl went inside and met Frank. He was talking to Frank and he asks him to help and suddenly he fainted. Carl asks the police to call the doctor. Frank tried to escape but he failed in escaping. And from here the story goes back to flashback.

Six years back the scene started where Frank went to a club party with his Mom and Dad. Where his father was awarded. He was living happily with his family but his father has faced a huge loss in his business. Then his father decided to take a loan from the bank. But Bank does not give him a loan. Frank’s family shifted to a new and small house. Frank’s father gave him a check of 25 dollars on his birthday and said that it is your money you can use them as you want. As their economical condition was not good Frank has transferred to a public school.

On his first day of school children’s tried to tease him. Frank told them that he is not a student he is a teacher. He taught students French for a week. When the principal of the school discover the truth he called his parents and complained about him. His father has taken it lightly and does not say anything to Frank because they both shares a great bond.

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Frank’s mother is having affair with someone. And one day Frank discover the truth about that person he’s none other than his father’s friend Jack Barnes. His mother asked Frank to not tell his father anything about it and he agrees. And after some time we see his parents got divorced and now Frank have to decide with whom he want to stay. And he decided not to stay with anyone and he ran away from there.

Now Frank is living alone in the hotel but he is not having enough money. Now to get some money for his survival he plan’s many things and finally, he planned to behave like an Airline pilot and everyone believes in his lie and he is trying everything to make money. He goes to a new bank with his check and trying to cheat them. When the bank discovers that he is a fraud.

Frank was aware that Pan Am cashes check of its employees at the airport. When he was at the Airport asking for cash the girl at the counters ask him that you are a pilot then he answered yes. He was sitting back in the pilot’s cabin and started his journey. The pilot asks him about which plane he uses. Frank replied 707 Frank got to know about this because when he went to take an interview of Pan Airways senior.

Frank traveled to many countries for free with Pan Am company. And from different countries with the help of Pan Am company payroll checks. He has fraud almost 2.8 million from the bank and gifted his father a brand new car. He also wants to help his father but his father denied taking his help and gift. Now Frank’s case is handover to the FBI and this case is handled by Carl.

In the present day, we see Carl gets Frank out of jail. And he is taking him to his country so that the case can be solved. Then again the story goes to a flashback where we see Carl’s went to a hotel where Frank is living. Carl enter the room and he asked Frank to hand it over to him. But Frank again tried to cheat on him and said that he is a secret service agent. Carl asked Frank to show him I’d Card and Frank has given his wallet but Carl believed in his lie and doesn’t check his wallet. But Frank asked Carl to show his ID.

Catch Me If You Can

But when Frank asked him that he will be coming in a minute then Carl checked his wallet and he discovers the truth. Later when Carl was looking outside the window he saw Frank was saying by to him. Carl realize that he was being fooled by him. Carl discovers that Frank’s name is not there on any criminal records. Finally, Carl reached Frank’s mother’s house. When he saw his photo Carl was sure that he is in the right place. His mother said that she will pay the money than he said you have to pay 15 crores and he left. After listening to the amount she was shocked.

On the other side, we see Frank is giving a party to his friends one boy fainted. When he take him to the hospital he met Brenda who is a nurse in the hospital. Frank was attracted to her. And he decided to work in this hospital for Brenda and he made his fake degree of medical. This degree is from Harvard medical school. And he was the Topper of his school. And after looking at his degree the management gave him a job and now Frank became dr. Frank.

Frank and Brenda started liking each other and one day she told that two years ago she was having affair and she was pregnant and her family doctor has done her abortion. When her family discover the truth about my abortion they kicked her out of the house. He said that he loves her and want to marry her. In the next scene, we see Frank is sitting and having dinner with Brenda’s family. He discovers that Brenda’s father is a Lawyer and Frank again lied to him that he was a lawyer before completing his doctorate. But this type Brenda’s father discover the truth and he accepted that he is not a lawyer or a doctor. He said that he is a common man who loves her daughter. Brenda’s father was impressed and he agreed to their marriage.

In the next scene, we see Carl went to Frank’s father’s house and he asked him about Frank’s address but his father denied it. Carl’s found a paper in which Frank’s address was written. And now he discovers that this time he became a fake doctor. Frank called Carl and ask him to sort out everything. Carl went to Frank’s engagement party when Frank got to know about Carl’s present he went to a room with Brenda and told everything to her. Frank asked her to meet him after two days at Miami Airport and said that he will wait for her. After saying this he leaves. And again Carl failed to catch him.

Carl has increased the security at the airport because he knows that Frank will try to escape from the country. On the other side, it is shown that he went to a college and said to everyone he came from Pan Airways company. He is wearing a pilot dress. He announced that he will select 8 girls for PR and after that, they will get a chance to become air hostesses. Security was tight at the airport but still Frank managed to escape. He went to France and started to print checks. When Carl discovers that now Frank is printing the checks he decided to catch him. Carl went to France to catch him. And finally, Carl arrested Frank.

Again the story came in the present day we see Carl has helped him to get out of jail and he is taking him to America. And Carl told Frank that his father is dead.
Frank was said he went to the bathroom and when the plane was landing through toilet pot, he managed to escape. And once again Frank is successful in escaping from Carl. Frank went to his mother’s house then he saw that her mother has remarried and she is having one daughter. Again Carl catches Frank and he was jailed for 12 years.

Carl meets Frank to discuss the fraud check case and looking at the check he gave him all the details about the check-in in just 2 minutes. Carl takes the help of Frank in many cases and finally, Carl asks Frank to join the FBI. Frank became the FBI’s agent but he was not happy with his job. When he was going to the airport Carl asked him not to go and if he will go he will return after two days.

Frank came back in two days as Carl said earlier. And one question which Carl always asks Frank that how he has passed the Louisiana Entrance exam. It is a law exam and Frank answered that I have studied for two weeks and cleared this exam and the series ends. It is also shown that Frank has been married for 26 years. He has three sons and he is living happily in his life. Now Frank and Carl are a very good friend and both have solved many cases.

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About Frank William Abagnale

He is an American Author and Convicted
Felon. He has also worked for the FBI for more than 30 years. He has his own company to make people aware of avoiding doing fraud. In past, he faked people about his true identity. He lied to people that he is s journalist, Teacher, Pilot, doctor. When he was small he was arrested many times and imprisoned in the US and Europe. In 1980 he wrote a book on his life. He has also written other four books.

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