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Luna Park Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Luna Park Season 2 Release Date

Luna Park is an Italian-origin romantic drama television series. It is written by Isabella Aguilar. While the show is produced and directed by Kate Schermerhorn. The show was originally created for Netflix. The debut season was released on 30 September 2021 only on Netflix. The show has received a good response from viewers and even the critics, also the show was quite popular soon after the release. It has a total rating of 6.2 out of 10 by IMDb. which is quite good as there are tons of romantic series all over Netflix, while not all of them are successful. It is a story of 2 young and free-minded girls Nadia and Rosa belonging to different castes or worlds. they are on their way to discover the secret of Luna Park along with their own personal secrets which connect them to each other.

Luna Park Season 2 Story

Luna Park Season 2 Release Date

the show is all about 2 young and free-minded girls Nora and Rosa both belonging to 2 different worlds. While Nora with her parents lives in a small house and belongs to a middle-class family. Rosa, on the other hand, is from a rich background. Nora works in a carnival in Luna Park as a Tarot card reader, just when rosa approaches her to tell her about her lost twin sister.

Nora replies that her sister might be alive. And somewhere near her. Later on, as both the girls get more close to each other they get to know more and more things about each other, their past, and everything else. Soon they find out that the lost sister of Rosa is none other than Nora! Other than this, they are also on their mission to find out the mysterious secret behind Luna Park. The show also depicts the class difference and sufferings. It is based in 1960’s Italy, making it more beautiful and romantic.

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Luna Park Season 2 Release Date

Luna Park Season 2 Release Date

There is no official announcement about the preceding season of luna park. The debut season was released recently on September 30, 2021, exclusively on Netflix. A total of 10 episodes were released each with roughly 40-50 minutes running time. There it is too early to expect any next season for Luna Park.

In a recent interview, Isabella Agulier spoke that she has already planned the next 4 episodes, but the decision to film them lies on Netflix. We can surely hope for the next season because season 1 was left on an open-end. Netflix usually waits for almost 3 or 4 months before giving green light to any new season. Also, there are plenty of fans demanding a new season.

Luna Park Season 2 Cast

Luna Park has many characters in it but the main characters include Lia Gracia as Rosa Gabrielli and Dimina Tabasco as Nora marine, girls who share a secret connection. Along with them are some other main characters including Edoarodo Coen as Matteo, Mario sgueglia as Ettore, Ludovica Martino as Stella, Milvia Marigliano as gonna Miranda, Lorenza Indovina as Doriana and lastly Alessio lapice as Simone. It is expected that the same character will be reappearing for the second season too.

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Luna Park Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer released by neither Netflix nor the show makers. As season one was released recently last month and there is no announcement about the second season, hence it would take a little time for the season 2 trailer to release. But till the time you can also stream the season 1 official trailer of luna park on YouTube. Click below to watch the trailer.

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