Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date And What To Expect?

Friendships are a precious societal gift and some of them take place through matching interests. It is good to have people around who have the same interests as you. This premise has been taken up by the anime forest of the piano or piano no mori: The Perfect World of Kai. Where two boys Kai and Sosuke soon get tied up in the bond of friendship with piano acting as their common interest.

The edifice of the show is served by the manga, written and illustrated by Makoto Ishiki for almost 2 decades. It began publishing in the weekly morning and Young magazine uppers from 1998 to 2015. In 2007, an anime adaptation film made its way to the public, and was heavily extolled.
The cast

Pounding upon the opportunity to make profits, the studio Gaina together with the director Gaku Nakatani and Ryutaru Suzuki for season 1 and Hiroyuki Yamaga for season 2 laid out the foundation for a successful anime. Mika Abe and Aki itami’s writing elevated the show to its current reputation.

How many seasons are there in the forest of piano?

Currently, there are two seasons of the anime, where season 1 ran from April to July 2018, soon after it was renewed for season 3 airing from January to April 2019. The show was initially supposed to last till 12 episodes, however was soon supplemented with 12 more episodes, making the total episodes count as 24, each releasing on NHK initially.

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date

As of now no official confirmation regarding whether the show will be continued or not has been made by any entity concerned.

But, due to the brevity of the second season, it is hard to affirm that the show is canceled as it is a general tendency for studios to announce a release date anywhere between 5 years.

However, on the other less optimistic spectrum the show is unlikely to get renewed as the source material which is the manga has been adapted in totality for making of the 2 seasons. Everything has been concluded leaving no scope for any kind of plothole whatsoever. The manga has a total of 26 volumes that ran for a span of 15 long years. Some even argue that the manga is too long to be adapted into 2 full-fledged seasons, it certainly needs more coverage but this argument is based on mere assumptions and not pragmatism, as they probably haven’t seen the anime themselves.

But there is indeed a possibility for the release of some OVA episodes, but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

But, the question that may occur to you is that, if the anime still remained unconcluded , then what would have been the chances of its renewal?
Well, this depends almost on the popularity.

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How popular is the Forest of piano?

The show’s review has been mostly of praise, but the ratings on IMDB and MyAnimeList remain average, standing at 7.1 on the former and 7.4 on the latter. But these ratings are often deceptive and fails to gauge the enormity and quality of a particular show sometimes. The manga received in 2008, the award for the best manga at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival. The animated film back in 2007 made its way to the 9th place of the Japanese box office which is pretty uncommon for a non-franchise film.

If the makers were to release a new season then they would have to come up with a plot of their own which may not be in accordance with the manga. They know the repercussions of this imbecile act, which wouldn’t be worth dwelling into despite the incentive.

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Story

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date

The story revolves around two boys of early teen years named Kai Ichinose and Shuhei Amamiya. The former is the son of a prostitute mother and lives in a red light area, while the latter belongs to an affluent class and is the son of a professional pianist, but gets bullied in his new school that he has been transferred to. After having received a dare from the bullies to play the cursed piano of the forest, Shuhei soon meets with Kai who despite the battered state of the piano, was still able to play it. Mesmerized, he soon befriends him and asks him to join the piano lessons. After being reluctant at first, he soon relents and the tale to this musical friendship begins.

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