Is To The Lake Season 2 Release Date Coming Soon?

To The Lake Season 2 Release Date

Today we are in a time when we are crossing boundaries when it comes to watching various series and different shows. We have started enjoying several foreign series. For a very long time, we have been through American shows but nowadays, we are shifting towards non-English movies and films. Be it Italian, Spanish, Russian, or German shows, the global audience is now exploring many unique contents. Thanks to the online streaming platforms, that has made our access to search series easy. Well, today we are here to talk about ‘To The Lake’.

To The Lake is a Russian thriller series that was released in 2019. Directed by Pavel Kostomarov, it is the starring many prominent personalities. The story revolves around a pandemic that has affected many people and Moscow city is under an adverse circumstance. The series is based on a novel titled Vongozero, written by Yana Vagner. Most parts of the series were filmed in Moscow itself. Since the day To The Lake season 1 was released, fans were anxious to know about its second installment. After seeing the curiosity of the fans, we are finally here with some details concerning To The Lake season 2 and related updates.

To The Lake Season 2 Release Date

To The Lake Season 2 Release Date

Originally, the series was released in Russia on Premier. The first episode made its way on 14th November 2019 while the last episode premiered on 3rd January 2020. After the original release, Netflix picked up the rights for the international broadcast and the spectators from all over the world got to watch the show on 8th October 2020.

To The Lake season 1 has received mixed reviews from the critics while the audience has appreciated every aspect of it and that’s why it stands with an IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10. It was not a huge hit but one must watch it at least once as the series contains many unique elements.

Talking about the second installment of To The Lake, the creators haven’t announced anything officially about it but the filming has already started. The filming commenced back in April 2021 while on the other hand, it has also been revealed that the story for season 2 will not be an adaptation of a novel. Both of these pieces of information clearly state the arrival of season 2 in the coming time. Although To The Lake season 2 release date has not been stated, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2022.

To The Lake Season 2 Cast

Kirill Käro is portraying the character of Sergey while the role of his wife, Anna is played by Viktoriya Isakova. Sergey has a neighbor Lyonya, played by Aleksandr Robak. Natalya Zemtsova is in the shoes of Marina. Apart from these actors, To The Lake is starring Eldar Kalimulin as Misha, Maryana Spivak as Irina, Saveliy Kudryashov as Anton, Yuri Kuznetsov as Boris Mikhailovich, and Viktoriya Agalakova as Polina. Lastly, Aleksandr Yatsenko has acted very well as Pavel. The second season can have the previous cast members but some more people can join the show as the story can witness a significant change.

To The Lake Season 2 Trailer

The trailer has not been released yet. But we can have it very soon as the filming has already started and it’s been months since it commenced. Till then, have a look at the past episodes to enjoy and refresh your memories.

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