Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Release Date Announced For Audience!

Suspense thriller is a genre that excites a lot of people and they get quite invested in this type of entertainment. One of the leading figure of Suspense thriller is Dan Brown, who has managed to make a name of himself in this field through his series of books, Brown’s book have a loyal readership through his Robert Langdon series where we follow the story of Robert Langdon who is an expert in signs and symbols, the lost symbol is the third book in the series which was preceded by The Da Vinci code and succeeded by the inferno. The show currently has only 1 season with 3 episodes of around 50 minutes each. It was supposed to be a film starring Tom Hanks but the idea was shelved due to production issues and this show was developed for the peacock network instead.

The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Release Date

The show was originally stated to become a full length feature film starring big names like Tom Hanks, but the plan was trashed after a lot of difficulty in its script writing and production process. In June 2019 the plan was re convinced but now as a television series, which was picked by peacock for distribution and the first title of the series was released on May 17 2021 whereas the series started its premiere on September 16 2021, for India the show was picked by streaming service Voot.

The 4th episode is all set to release on the 7th of October, 202 at 3 AM ET.

The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Story

The show follows the early life story of famous Harvard graduate symbologist Robert Langdon as he is trapped into a series of puzzles after his mentor is kidnapped and CIA asks him to find the truth where he uncovers some chilling conspiracies that would change things as we see them.

The story starts when young Robert Langdon visits a Smithsonian fundraiser in Washington DC where he meets his mentor, Peter Solomon who will be speaking at the event. Peter asks Robert to bring a secret box which was kept safe with Robert for years. Soon Robert discovers that the call from Peter was a hoax and he is been called into the Museum by Peter’s kidnapper, after sometime Robert hears a scream from the other part of the Museum where he discovers Peter with an ring on his hand and some mysterious symbol. After the day’s events he tries to take help from Catharine who is an old acquaintance and they together tries to decipher the codes while Peter tries to escape, as the pressure from CIA grows now Robert and Catherine has to solve the mystery anyhow and understand the motives of kidnappers of Peter and the mysterious organization behind it. Further story will be revealed in new episodes that would release soon.

The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Cast

Ashley Zukerman plays the role of Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of Symbology, who is the main protagonist of the story. Eddie Izzard plays the role of Peter Solomon, Robert’s academic mentor, who gets kidnapped only for Robert to unravel the conspiracy behind it. Valorie Curry plays Katherine Solomon, Peter’s daughter. Beau Knapp plays the character of Mal’akh, a mysterious figure who sets Robert on a quest, by kidnapping his mentor Peter. Rick Gonzalez plays Alfonso Nuñez, a Capitol police officer. Sumalee Montano plays Inoue Sato, director of the CIA’s office of security.

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