When Will Pinocchio Season 2 Be Released? Know here!

South Korean dramas nowadays become the first choice for most people or we can say amongst the youth. These shows are also very popular in most countries. So, today, we are also going to talk about such a show, named Pinocchio, it is a South Korean television series, first released on 12 November 2014 and was ended on 15 January 2015 with a total number of twenty episodes. It is one of the most popular and award-winning Korean dramas.

Also, it is the most expensive Korean drama that was sold to China. This is a very different thing that all the Korean dramas almost show the same plot in the mixed genre of comedy, romance, family, and drama but then also most of the people liked them very much. And their popularity grows higher and higher, this show was ended in 2015, however, from then fans are waiting for Pinocchio season 2. Here, we have come with the latest information regarding your favorite show, but to know all the things about Pinocchio season 2 you need to read the full article below.

Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date

The very first season of this amazing and popular show ran from 12 November 2014 to 15 January 2015. So, it’s been more than six years since the show has been finished. Pinocchio was used to telecast on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday. As we said above this show was a big hit amongst the youth and not only in Korea but in various countries as well. Now fans anxiously wanted to know regarding Pinocchio season 2. No worries fans, we are here to update you all the way.

The news may be a little bit disappointing for the fans, as there is no official announcement, renewal, and spoiler related to this show. Neither the makers nor the distributor said anything about it. But we are hoping, that the makers would definitely do anything in the favour of their audience. Till now, even the renewal of the show has not been finalized yet, so, it is difficult to say or assume anything about the release date. We cannot say anything so properly as we don’t even know whether the show will renew or will be canceled. But if we will get any news further then definitely update this article asap.

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Pinocchio Season 2 Cast

Pinocchio cast
Pinocchio cast

As there is no official news regarding the second season of the show, so it will be hard for us to assume the future cast. But in the first season, viewers enjoyed the chemistry between the two main leads. As per the assumptions, most probably, the makers will be returned with the old cast, remaining, depends on the next story of the show, maybe some characters will come to an end, and some will add into the story.

In season 1, the cast members include Lee Jong-suk as Choi Dal-Po/Ki Ha-Myung, Park Shin-Hye as Choi In-ha, Kim Young-Kwang as Seo Beom-jo, Lee Yu-bi as Yoon Yoo-Rae. Nam Da-reum as young Dal-po/ Ha-Myung, Roh Jeong-eui as young In-ha, Jin Kyung as Song Cha-ok, Kim Kwang-kyu as Kim Gong-Joo, Kim Young-hoon as Lee II-joo. Im Byung-ki as Yeon Doo-young, Yoon Seo-hyun as Lee Joo-ho, Lee Seung-ho as Jae Dae-gook. Along with them, it has the actors like Lee Pil-mo, Min Sung-Wook, Kang Shin-il, Jo Deok-Hyun, Choo Soo-Hyun, Jung In-gi, Jang Young-Nam, Yoon Kyun-sang. Byun Hee-bong, Shin Jung-Geun, Kim Hae-sook. Lee Joo-Seung, Kim Min-young, Park Soo-young, Yoon Jin-young, Yeom Dong-Hyun, and many more.

This admired and many awards-winning rom-com drama is directed by Jo Soo-won and Shin Seung-woo and written by Park Hye-Ryun. Also, the show is produced by Park Chang-Yong under the production house, iHQ.

Pinocchio Synopsis and expected story


It is the story that revolves around the four characters, named Choi Dai Po, Choi In Ha, Yoon Yoo Rad, and Seo Beom Jo. In the show, Choi Dai Po grew in a family, where his mother, father, and brother lived happily. But one day, his father, who was a firefighter, died, during he saved many lives from fire. His father put in a lot of effort and sacrificed his life, after doing all this, he was charged for bursting the tragedy that happened. Choi Dai Po’s family got disturbed, so, his mother and he decided to commit suicide. But at that time, his brother decided to take revenge.

Fortunately, Chai Dai Po was saved by a family where he grew up. In that family, there was a girl, named Choi In Ha. They both were studied in the same school and later fell in love with each other. Now, the twist in the story, actually Choi Dai Po hides his identity from Choi In Ha, but one day he disclosed the same as Ki Ha Myung. The story of this show also reflects journalism and media side along with love and friendship. It shows that how journalists should be capable and make the truth worthy since it destroys or makes someone’s life.

If Season 2 comes then most probably it will be a different story because the story of the first season was wrapped up in itself, it may be the continuation too. But we don’t think so, the makers have anything left from the previous story. So, wait for the update and the official announcement till then, if you have not watched season 1, then go and must watch it. It is available on Viki, MXPlayer, and Netflix as well.

Pinocchio Season 1 Trailer

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