Is The Bride Of Habaek Season 2 Release Date On The Way?

In the present time, you must have a friend who loves watching k-dramas and for them, listening to k-pops is life. In that case, you must have watched the South Korean series at least once. Be it history, fantasy, or history, there is no genre left that has not been touched by such dramas. The creators have delivered many amazing pieces of content and the global audience has appreciated the efforts as well. The craze for k-dramas has reached that extent that it becomes difficult for us to realize the fact that we are not having any future season of that particular series. Apart from this fact, this time again we are here with a k-drama titled The Bride Of Habaek.

The Bride Of Habaek is a spin-off series of Bride Of The Water God. It is a fantasy romantic comedy series directed by Kim Byung-Soo. The 16 episodes long season was released in 2017 on tvN. The Bride Of Habaek, this title somewhat points towards a historical drama but it is not so. It has a fictional story with a mythological touch and revolves around the lord Habaek (God of the Land of Water). Since the show has wrapped itself up 4 years back but the wait for The Bride Of Habaek season 2 is still the same. Here’s what we have got you pertaining to the second season.

The Bride Of Habaek Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of season 1 premiered on 3rd July 2017 and marked its finale on 22nd August 2017. The show was made available on one of the popular Korean television networks, tvN. After the original release, it was picked for an international broadcast. With respect to a particular country, The Bride Of Habaek was released on other streaming platforms, Viu and iFlix.

The Bride Of Habaek Season 2 Release Date

This k-drama was not a super-duper hit series but yet it managed to grab satisfactory ratings. It stands with an IMDb rating of 6.8 out of 10 which is quite well. In addition to it, this drama show has received mixed reviews from fans. Many people liked the story and cast while on the other hand, some spectators didn’t find it interesting much enough.

As of now, it has not been renewed nor canceled. The chances for it to return is less as it has been more than four years and still we haven’t heard any official word concerning the happening of season 2. It is still to be confirmed by the creators whether the drama will be revived or not. We hope to hear a formal announcement soon in the coming time. However, we expect The Bride Of Habaek season 2 to release sometime in 2023.

The Bride Of Habaek Season 2 Cast

Presently, there is more information about the cast that we will be witnessing in the upcoming installments, and hence, we can’t state an exact detail about it. However, there is a great probability for the previous cast members to return and reprise their roles.

In the first season, Shin Se-Kyung appeared in the character of Yoon So-ah. The lead role, Ha-Baek was played by a renowned Korean actor, Nam Joo-hyuk. In the series, he is portrayed as the god of the Land of Water. Krystal Jung was in the series as Mu-ra/Hye-Ra. Gong Myung played the character of Bi-ryeom amazingly. Lastly, Lim Ju-hwan was in the shoes of Shin Hu-ye.

The Bride Of Habaek Season 2 Plot

The story for the second installment has not been revealed and there wasn’t any cliffhanger that needs to be answered in the next edition. Once we get a confirmation about The Bride Of Habaek season 2, then we will surely have some idea about its plot.

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