Mr Beast Net Worth: How Does A 23-Year-Old Millionaire Earn Money?

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MR Beast is a very famous American YOUTUBER, PHILANTHROPIST, STREAMER, AND CONTENT CREATOR. He was born on the 7th of May 1998, which means he is just 23 and also a millionaire at such a small age. he was raised in Kannas, America. MrBeast is dating Maddy Spidell an Instagram model since 2019, she is frequently seen in Mr beast’s videos. He is known for performing strangely entertaining expensive stunts mainly related to money. he is also the founder of Team Trees and MR Beast burger.

He has supported many fund raisers all around the world to help the poor and unprivileged. Mr beast is managed by a Dallas-based company called Night Media. He has also won many awards including “YouTuber of the Year” for the year 2020.

Mr Beast Youtube Channel

Jimmy runs his youtube channel under the name MrBeast. he currently has a total of 67.8 million subscribers by uploading money stunts and charity videos. His videos mostly include his 5 friends. His content is mostly the same where he dares his friend to perform strange but funny tasks and gives a handsome amount of money to the winner.

Other than this he randomly gives money to someone, buys something for someone, or gives his debit card to a stranger and allows them to buy anything within the limit. MrBeast uploads regular videos on his channel every video has a different stunt to perform and is very interesting, he also uploads the video of live streaming of different games and reaction videos to memes. his average view count is almost 10.4 million per video.

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Mr Beast Net Worth

MrBeast has a net worth of 16 million dollars which is 1.6 crore INR. Jimmy is one of the highest-paid YouTubers and is very famous internationally. His side businesses, merchandise, and collaborations help him earn so much. PewDiePie although has the highest net worth as a YouTuber as of now. The channel MrBeast is growing rapidly and is gaining more and more views, subs, and popularity which will make more money leading Jimmy to perform more of such attention-grabbing stunts.

How Does Mr Beast Earn Money?

Just like other YouTubers Jimmy also earns money through AdSense. his youtube channel is a big success and his average views and subscriber are enough to yield him a huge amount of money regularly. in a recent interaction with Jimm, He revealed that his youtube channel is at a loss due to performing expensive charity, MrBeast has an approx. earning os 24 million dollars through youtube.


MRBEAST has collaborated with many brands earing which has made him a good earning over past years. Also, he gets money sponsors for his single video, he just has to promote the product for 30 sec to 1 minute, and only by this, he makes around millions.


MRBEAST has launched his own cloth merch which is very demanded and liked among his fans. He has launched sweatshirts, T-shirts, and the most popular hoodies. His merch works in profit and helps him earn more. Along with this he also has additional channels like Mr beast gaming, Mrbeast shorts, Mrbeast2, Mrbeast reactions, etc.


MrBeast has started his own charity where he raises funds through videos and private funding and uses it for charity and opening food banks for the needy. He also started TEAM TREES and, raised funding to grow trees and make the earth more green, every 1 dollar meant growing one plant, and through this MrBeast grew around 22 million trees.


MrBeast tweeted his game plan telling that his bank account is running on 0 balance and doesn’t want to live a materialistic life, he says that he wants to create many other channels like MrBeast gaming and reacts so that he can run his main channel in loss and grow his channel bigger so that he can use his main channels earing to open hundreds of shelter, food bank and give away all his money!

Mr Beast And Fortnite Collaboration

We all know how famous Mr Beast and Fortnite are. Recently they have announced a collaboration in which Fortnite and Mr Beast will be coming together for a game that has a prize money of $1,000,000. All the players will be competing in this game tournament for this big prize money. Well, apart from it, this is for the first time when the players from all the regions can participate and compete. Mr Beast officially tweeted about this collaboration and fans are excited a lot. This is regarded as one of the most awaited collaboration as there is gonna be much more fun and thrill.

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