Z Nation Season 6 Release Date And Spoilers!

Z NATION is an American television series directed by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler, composed by jason Gallagher. the series officially aired on SYSF(SCI-FI CHANNEL) on 12 September 2014. the whole series is filmed in Spokane, Washington area the series already has 5 seasons and the 6th season was expected. z nation is based on a zombie apocalypse it is full of thrill, action, mystery, comedy, and drama. The first season consisted a total of 13 episodes.

The second season was aired in September 2015. In 2016 SYSF made an announcement that season 3 will be preceded by a movie, to introduce the central characters for season 3. rest of the seasons were aired in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Z Nation Season 6 Story

Z NATION is a well-known television series aired back in 2014. it starts 3 years after the zombie virus has devastated most parts of the country and people are suffering everywhere. half of the population is already dead and the remaining ones are on the verge of getting infected.

The only hope for the VN1 virus is murphy a former convict whose body is believed to have some antibodies, hence a group of everyday heroes headed by Lieutenant Warren has taken up the responsibility to carry him across to the only operating lab in California protecting him from every obstacle in between the journey.

Z Nation Season 6 Release Date

SYSF canceled the series after the 5th and the final season. Before this one of the show producer David Michael Latt also informed about the series cancellation, he uploaded a video late night on Friday announcing “We wanted to tell you face to face… that we were not renewed for Season 6. “We’re stopping at Season 5. We’re very sad, but we’re also really grateful for the opportunities that we had on the show”. Therefore the series has finally ended after a long journey of 5 years.

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Why Z Nation Season 6 Has Been Canceled?

ZOMBIE NATION is an entertaining series although it didn’t receive any special appreciation from the viewers, it was good enough to make it till five seasons. Season 5 had a very average rating everywhere. it had a total rating of 4 out of 10, if compared to the previous season it was down to 24 percent and it had a total of 456,000 viewers which was down to 23 percent compared to the preceding season. The popularity and viewers interest decreased rapidly, which made the production cancel season 6 and the 5th season was declared the final.

Z Nation Season 5 Recap

the final episode was number 13 of season 5 aired in December 2018. the viewers really expected for season 6 as the last episode ended with a weird mystery. after the final war was over murphy finally steps out with Sun-Mei’s brain, she told murphy that he would know what to do with her brain once it is in his hands. as murphy began to nibble the brain he suddenly feels some kind of vision or enlightenment, which must be related to VN1 virus which Mei discovered just before dying and the last seen was murphy grinning knowingly. what it could be? did he know something?

Therefore we were expecting another season telling the reason behind Murphy’s mysterious smile. what did he finds?? or did he knew how to make the antidote? Unfortunately, the viewers are left in an enigma.

Z Nation Season 6 Trailer

As the series is dropped off by the production, there will be no official trailer releasing ever. If you want to watch ZOMBIE NATION you can easily stream the full show easily on Netflix or online streaming. You can also watch the trailer for Season 1, 2,3,4, and 5 available on youtube.

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