Mouse Season 2 Release Date Announced or Not?

Most people love watching romantic drama but crime thrillers and suspense no doubt are also being loved by the audience. If you are bored of movies and series which have no suspense and thrill then we have brought a wonderful drama. So get ready to entertain yourself and to enjoy your weekend. The mouse is a Korean drama created by Jinnie Choi and written by Choi Ran. The title of the drama is unique and after watching season one you will feel like just like its title the whole drama is unique.

Korean drama has huge popularity in almost every country. And people are going crazy about Korean drama. I know you must be wondering about what makes the drama so special. I must say you should watch at least one Korean drama to know the answer. And I’m sure after watching kdrama you will join the kdrama gang. You can try watching Mouse season 1 and the one who has watched the drama are anxious to know about Mouse season 2 release date. Don’t miss the post if you want to know every detail about Mouse season 2.

Mouse Season 2 Release Date

Mouse Season 2

The first season was packed with 20+3 thrilling episodes that started airing on 3 March 2021. And the last episode was released on 20 May 2021 on tvN. And also available on Rakuten Viki for other countries. With the running timing of 70 minutes. Season one of Mouse was rated with 8.7 on IMDB. Season one was loved by the audience. It all depends upon the audience that will decide whether the creator will be coming up with the new season or not. Till now in we haven’t heard of any official statement regarding the renewal or the cancellation of Mouse season 2.

Moreover, it’s too early to expect a confirmation from the official team. In the upcoming few months, we can probably hear the announcement for the second season. Apart from this people are also searching about the cast and plot. We can expect Mouse season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

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Mouse Season 2 Cast

Directed by Choi Joon-bae, Kang Cheol-woo. Produced by Jeong Hoe-seok, Nam Gun-jung. Lee Seung-gi as Jeong Ba-reum, Lee Hee-joon  as Go Moo-chi, Park Ju-hyun as Oh Bong-yi, and Kyung Soo-jin as Choi Hong-ju in the lead role.

Other cast members include Lee Seo-jun as Na Chi-guk, Woo Ji-hyeon [ko] as Gu Dong-gu, Kim Young-jae as Ko Moo-won, Jo Yeon-ho as young Ko Moo-won, Kim Young-ok as Grandmother, P.O as Shin Sang, Ahn Nae-sang as Park Du-seok, Hyun Bong-sik as Bok Ho-nam, Yoon Seo-hyun as Gang Gi-hyeok, Kim Min-soo as Lee Min-soo. We can expect the same cast to return in season 2. Also, we can see some new faces with them.

Mouse Season 2 Plot

Mouse Season 2

The drama focuses on two aspects one is Psychopath and the other is Genius. The criminology of this drama will shake your heart and mind from inside. And people are curious to know what’s the reason behind the drama named Mouse. Dr. Han Seo Joon is also known as Head Hunter was a psychopath. This drama mainly focuses on his ideology and tactics.

The first half of the drama focuses on Character development and story build-up. And second half focuses on Morality. The story starts from a school trip where small kids were watching rattlesnakes. And a kid whose facial expressions were not like a normal kid and his actions were strange. He gave a mouse to feed a snake. Then screen rewind after 5 years where we see a guy’s in the Church confessing that he was born different. Then again seen is rewind 10 years back and we see a woman who was murdered brutally. These three scenes are creating a dark environment for the audience. And the reason behind the name of the drama is because Mouse are used for the experiments in a lab. And in the drama, the story also focuses on a lab experiment. According to our sources, we can expect that the Mouse season 2 will follow the story of season 1 or can come up with a new plot.

Mouse season 2 Trailer

Mouse season 1 trailer is available on YouTube. As there’s no official announcement regarding the release date. We have to wait for the official trailer and teaser of the drama. Also, we are dropping the trailer of season one so that you can decide whether to watch the drama or not.

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