What About Just Between Lovers Season 2 Release Date? Know Here!

The world is aware of many foreign TV series among which the American industry has a huge fan base. But, we cannot ignore the popularity of others. Asian series are continuously growing their audience and South Korean series can be considered the fastest entertainment industry that is expanding its network on the global level. Day by day, people are coming across several K-dramas that have ultimately made them fall in love with these shows. It’s not only the actors or story that is responsible for the fantasy that we all have developed. The k-dramas are a great way to develop a sense of Korean fashion and to have a glimpse of some famous tourist places.

Today, we have got you a South Korean TV series called Just Between Lovers. In 2017, it was released on JTBC and it’s a perfect romantic and melodrama show. Written by Yoo Bo-ra, the story focuses on the lives of people who despite having a tragic past priced to move ahead in their lives. The show is considered one of the best picks if any individual is going to watch Korean dramas for the first time. Those who have already watched the first season, are eager to know about the second installment. Here’s what we have got you pertaining to Just Between Lovers season 2.

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Just Between Lovers was released on 11th December 2017 and the last episode premiered on 30th January 2018. The story was interesting and it took 16 episodes each having a running time of about 70 minutes to conclude itself. The series is available for you all on Viki and Hulu. Taking into account the series’ reception, Just Between Lovers has received an IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10, and not only this, in fact, the audience outside the boundaries of South Korea has loved the series. The show has managed to receive prominent nominations in several awards and even after so many years since the release of season 1, people never get bored to watch it on repeat.

As of now, the creators haven’t announced any detail about the renewal or cancellation of the series. However, the story ended on a good note and it was a perfect ending. Therefore, the chances for it to return is quite less but the fans have not left hoping for the future installment. On the other hand, it has garnered positive reviews and hence, this aspect favors the happening of season 2 but at the present time, it is very suspicious and unclear. We also want this series to return and from our expectations, Just Between Lovers season 2 can release sometime in 2022 or it may have its release date in 2023.

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Plot

The drama starts with an accident where a building collapses and this accident kills many people and some of them were injured as well. Some of the individuals lost their loved ones and most of the people had trauma. The story is about how one tries to handle past accidents and move ahead in life with a new beginning that is full of hope, love, and happiness. The scars of past life are not easy to go through and courage to cope up with it.

Just Between Lovers season 1 had a beautiful ending and was a perfect match of emotions and reality. Since the past story has been concluded without leaving any cliffhangers. So, that leaves very little chance for us to expect the same story in season 2. It is possible that the creators can come up with a new plot but the theme could be the same.

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Cast

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Cast

Just Between Lovers features an ensemble cast that includes Lee Jun-ho as Lee Kang-doo. His only dream was to become a soccer player and in an accident, he lost his father. The accident affected him also and hence, Lee Kang-doo suffered from injured legs. Won Jin-ah was playing the character of Ha Moon-soo. The same accident was responsible for the death of her younger sister. Even though she was in pain, Ha Moon-soo was trying to be happy. These two were the lead roles but there were some other faces who appeared in prominent characters. Kang Han-na portrayed the role of Jung Yoo-jin and Lee Ki-woo was in the shoes of Seo Joo-won. We also witnessed some of the special appearances. This list consists of Kim Jin-woo as Lee In-yong, Shin Hyun-bin as an architect, and Hong Kyung as Choi Sung-Jae.

Just Between Lovers season 2 can bring up an entirely new cast as we can see a significant change in the story. This is not a confirmed detail. We expect an official word on this topic in the coming time.

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