Desus And Mero Season 4 Release Date And Spoilers!

Desus And Maro is a American-based late- night talk show hosted by the pair of the same names and produced by Victor Lopez, Daniel Baker, Joel Martinez , Tony Hernandez and Lily Burns. This show originated on Viceland in 2016 but later moved over to Showtime in 2018 making it the first premium cabler’s late- night show. The duo had a strong following with their “Bodega Boys and now they are bringing that to the viewers.

Each episode is of 30-35 minutes where the hosts ask the guests to keep their point of view on recent hot topics, sports, politics, pop culture, music and many other things. The show received positive reviews. From the rotten graphs the show gained 7.5 and on IMDB it arranges to get 7.4 ratings out of 10. The show even had been nominated for many awards as Writers Guild of America Award for best comedy/ variety talk series and many more. The hosts received Webby Special Achievement Award in 2019 for their show.

Desus And Mero Season 4 Release Date

Desus And Mero Season 4

The first episode of season one on Showtime was aired on 21 February, 2019 with 0.151 million viewers and the last episode on 21 November, 2019. Almost after two months, the show came back with season two on 3 February, 2020. The last episode of third season of this late- night talk show will be premiere on December 12.

The current season airs weekly on Sunday and Thursday at 11 p.m. Showtime announced the fourth season of the show in August 2021 making a buzz among the audience. According to the latest reports, there is no green light Desus And Mero season 4 release date. As far we only know that it will be released sometime in 2022.

Desus And Mero Season 4 Story

Being a talk show, this is not based on any plot or storyline. The duo invites famous celebrities to their show and interview them in a comedic manner which audience to love the show. The first guest to interviewed on the show was Awkwafina, who is a famous Americam Actress and Rapper, in 2016 on Viceland. Later the show had Kevin Clancy, Sam Sifton, Tony Peralta, Terry Crews and many more as their guests in season one.

The second season on Viceland was aired on June 28, 2018 with Kenya Barris being the guest in the first episode. Later, the duo invited Daniel Caesar, Diplo, Jason Sudeikis, Deon Cole, Victor Cruz, Phoebe Robinson as their guests on the show. The two seasons consisted a total of 309 episodes. This was later followed by Desus And Mero on Showtime, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez being the first guest to appear on the show. Later this season had Bill Hader, Ava DuVernay and many more. This season had 45 episodes. The second season had107 episodes with Barak Obama, Usain Bolt, Andy Samburg etc and included many other famous names.

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Desus And Mero Season 4 Cast

Desus And Mero Season 4 release date

The hosts of this talk show are Daniel Baker aka Desus Nice and Joel Armogasto Martinez aka The Kid Mero who interview guests that appear on this show which includes David Letterman and actors like Matt Damon, Glenn Close and Eddie Murphy, former American President Barack Obama to current president Joe Biden along with Kamala Harris, the vice president. Amid the covid-19 Desus and Mero continued to host the show from their homes but they returned to the studio in June this year. The hosts deliver the commentary in a slightly smart and comedic way which keeps the audience seated for the entire time.

Desus And Mero Season 4 Trailer

As the showtime announced the fourth season of the talk show, fans became crazy. The previous season has gained a lot of positive reviews so it’s natural for our expectations to be high from the coming season. In an Interview with The Hollywood Reporter in January, the duo said that the Barack Obama was their dream guest who appeared in the show in 2020, they are not sure who their next dream guest would be.

Mero further added that it has to be someone who’s like “I don’t do interviews but I will make an exception for you or someone like Beyonce. Unfortunately, there is no single news about the trailer or teaser by Showtime and thus there is nothing we can do about it except waiting. There is no doubt this season will also gain positive reviews like the previous other three seasons.

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