Super Cub Season 2 Release Date And Possible Updates!

These days people tend to relate anime with some sort of fantasy land where everyone has some sort of supernatural power one way or the other. Seldom, do we find any raved anime that depicts human and their emotions with no relation to the world of reverie. One would be right in proffering the classification, however the general consensus remains titled towards action-fantasy genre.

However, one such anime that clinches with real human instincts and their resultant behavioral traits is Super Cub, a simple, unidirectional, relatable watch belonging to the genre of Slice of life.
The show is based on the light novel series written and illustrated by Tone Koken and Hiro respectively of the same name. Before the anime, manga was the first media to receive an adaption which was written by same writer but illustration was undertaken by Kanitan and is still running. Here are all the details we know about Super Cub Season 2.

Super Cub Season 2 Characters

While the anime’s direction was done by Toshiro Fuji and Toshizo Nemoto served as the writer and is often hurled at with reproval for changing some key dialogues from the original source material here and there. The musical apparatus of the show was helmed by Tomohisa Ishikawa. Studio Kai were behind the production of the show and FUNimation and Muse Communication licensed it for the international telecast.

Super Cub Season 2 Release Date

Super Cub Season 2

The first season aired from April 7, 2017 – June 23, 2021 with 12 episodes under its belt, which makes it pretty recent. The show along the way, was able to garner a popular support from the fans and critics alike for its world building and the appropriate characterization and disposition of motorcycle riders through Koguma. And it is nothing but an axiom that when attachment happens demand for seeing something again happens, as is the case with Super Cub.

However, to our dismay no official announcement from those involved in its production has been made. But, the question still remains how miniscule or greater the chances of its renewal are.
We will have to consider certain factors to reach to a sensible conclusion.

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Is There Enough Source Material?

Light novel and manga serves as the source material of the series with both assuming the status of ‘unfinished’, which is a good sign, given that then the anime would have content to put it out there. The LV has been made up to 8 volumes so far with the most recent volume released in March 2021. 2 volumes of the light novel series has been adapted till now, which leaves ample room for the continuation of the anime. So, this factor doesn’t act as an impediment.


The popularity of the show, I argue, is a little paradoxical enterprise, in the sense that to be considered as popular it has to appeal to the masses and how can we come to know that? By looking at their activities and propensities in terms of sales. But what appeal to the masses doesn’t necessarily have to be compelling. So I want you to be conversant of this argument.

Super cub has a descent rating of 7.5 and 7.4 on MyAnimeList and IMBD respectively. But only has 30k followers one its twitter handle, which may threaten the very future of the show. But this is not sufficient to base our conclusion on mere twitter followings however it also ranks 1933 in the anime popularity ranking list issued by MyAnimeList. Furthermore, the Blu-Ray Disc Box sales that commenced on August 25, 2021 were deflating in real sense.

So, from the above two factors it is hard to predict whether the show will have a new season or not. Perhaps it will go on to crowd the list of those anime which never got witness their second season or perhaps it will hailed as ‘the one which progressed to give out a masterpiece’.

Super Cub Season 2 Story

The story revolves around Koguma, a girl who lives a solitary life devoid of any friends, family , and exuberance of any sort. Every day, she would travel to the school by her bicycle until one day she decides to buy motorbike, which would irrevocably change her life. She is finally able to make some new friends in the form of Reiko and Eniwa and together they would measure the horizon of the boundless sky.

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