Noblesse Season 2 Release Date And What To Expect?

Noblesse Season 2
Noblesse Season 2

The world of manhwa is relatively obscure when we take both manga and the former into the perspective, but both remains qualitatively abreast while the difference is attributed to the countries and that’s it. One such animated series, which is based upon the manhwa itself is Noblesse written and illustrated by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu respectively.

The webtoon series is a crunchyroll original series with the production helmed by Production IG and ran from October to December 2020, on the online streaming platform. One may even notice that the season 1 of the anime actually does not feel like a season 1, because we don’t get to witness the plot setting in the beginning itself, which is an unwavering quality of any anime made so far. The key to mystery is held by the 2016 ONA adaptation by the crunchyroll which if seen sequentially then perhaps calling it the actual season 1 would sound appropriate.

The Manhwa Vs. The Webtoon Debate

The manhwa vs. the webtoon debate ensues once the show gets finished and it understandably so as the series seems cramped up a little bit with the sequences of episodes lying undiscernible. But, it is not the manhwa that people despise, but rather the way it was adapted by crunchyroll. However, the loyal fan base of the series still stuck around and found the webtoon as compelling as reading the manhwa for first time.

Noblesse Season 2 Release Date

Noblesse Season 2

At the time of writing this article, the series has not been confirmed by any entity involved in its production. But, we will be talking about some key points that could lead to us to some concrete conclusion as in does it have the potential to happened and if when what can be the predicted release date.

The answer to this are somewhat interdependent but one thing we have to take notice of is that neither of Crunchyroll’s originals have made it to their respective season twos, namely Tower of God ,and The God of Highschool. Now, let’s move on towards some factors that may influence or are likely to influence the decision making process in releasing the second season.

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Source Material

The content of any source material is what guides a show ahead and if it’s on the verge of ending after having given everything to the plot of an anime that it is a bad news for the next season. However noblesse have enough content that could drive it forward. Only some portion of its 8 volume series have been covered.


The show has an IMBD rating of 7.1 while the MyAnimeList rating is poised at 6.8 which is fairly average. It also happens to be a part of top hundred manga reads of Myanimelist, but that is for the manga and as we mentioned the manga is decently written but when it comes to the implementation some may even argue it is abysmal.

Acquisition By Sony

Recently, crunchyroll has been bought over by Sony’s Funimation which may irrevocable reverse the fate of these series positive or negatively, that remains to be seen.

So, to conclude, nothing is certain as of now, if the show is able to generate profit and everything goes right hypothetically then we may get to witness another season in the fall of 23, given the fact that the production studios announces any sequel way before and takes them 8-9 months generally to finish production, if they don’t face any impediments of any sort. You will surely be updated once we receive any fresh information regarding the show.

Noblesse Season 2 Story

Noblesse Season 2

The show revolves around a powerful noble named Rai, who was oblivious of the progress and growth that the humanity made, as he had been asleep for 820 years. He belongs to the race of noble which coexisted with humanity and served as their protectorate leading to their deification across several cultures.

He later becomes one of the students of Ye Ran High, where he gets reunited with his butler from the older times, acting as the regnant principle of the school. Rai has to now fight for the menace lurking in the dark to protect both human and noble race along with his friends that he makes along the way.

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