Kyokai No Kanata Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Have you ever come across a show that neither appealed to your highest standards and nor left you displeased? The anime world generally runs on hearsay, the ones that are on the tongues of everyone become the matter of subject to binge watch. However, this renders many anime shows to the periphery of negligence and wrong perception. ‘Kyoukai no kanata’ holds true of these claims. The show has both positive and negative points at its disposal.

The positive includes its brilliant animation style that remains unrivalled and the negative being, it has unidirectional and simple storyline without any much suspense, twist and turns. But, anime are in some sense purely subjective enterprise, there may be some sense of general objections but more or less, the fancies are upheld by the watcher and its own expectations from the anime. The anime has been adapted from the light novel series written and illustrated by Nagomu Torii and Tomoyo Kamoi. It ran from June 9, 2012 to December 18, 2013 with total 13 volumes under its belt. Here are all the details we know about Kyokai No Kanata Season 2.

Kyokai No Kanata Season 2 Characters

The anime’s director was Taichi Ishidate in while the producers were multiple, namely Riri Senami, Gou Tanaka, Shigeru Saito and Shinichi Nakamura. The writer on the show, who has been subjected to several criticisms is Jukki Hanada while the therapeutic music was given by Hikaru Nanase.
Kyoto Animation were behind the production of the show.

Kyokai No Kanata Season 2 Release Date

Kyokai No Kanata Season 2

To our dismay, the release date for the second season is something that no one is able to grapple with, meaning that no announcement of any sort has been confirmed yet. The first season of the anime aired on October 3, 2013, and concluded on December 19, 2013 divided into 12 episodes. However, the 2nd time we got to hear of the content related to the anime was in 2015, when the movie ‘kyokai no kanata movie 2: I will be here’ was released.

Since then, no one heard of anything from the maker’s side. Earlier there were rumors going around that the show may get into production in 2020 or 2021, but sadly they were not truth functional.
After having gone through the people’s review on MyAnimeList it is certain that the international fan base of the show is not that strong. However there seems to be an anomaly in all this. The disc sales of the anime consists of 4506 units, which is commendable in itself.

To put this number into perspective, even anime with great storylines sometime fail to reach this number. Moreover the, show has the rating of 7.3 and 7.8 on IMBD and MyAnimeList respectively, which is again descent enough. The show was also mentioned in the Kyoto Animation award of 2011, for its outstanding animation style.

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Will There Ever Be Kyokai No Kanata Season 2?

After taking into account the above stats we can say that there is a 50-50 possibility. And if our guess turns out to be true then it may take 1 or 2 years for the production to get completed.

Kyokai No Kanata Season 2 Story

Kyokai No Kanata Season 2 release date

The concept of the show revolves around ‘Yomus’who are mystical-demigod like creatures and can only be perceived by those who has some sort of supernatural or magical powers. Their existence is owed to various negative emotions lurking deep inside humans such as hatred, avarice, jealousy and malevolence. Sometimes they may take anthropomorphic forms and sometimes existing as material entities.

In some instances, Nomus may breed with humans and thereby produce beings called ‘half-nomus’. One of these half-nomus is Akihito Kanbara, the lead on the show. While preventing her classmate Mirai Kuriyama from committing suicide, he gets stabbed by a sword made out of her blood. Soon, both of them uncovers obscure facts about each other, one being a half-nomu and the other being a spirit world warrior, who is also the last spirit hunting warrior of her clan. The story follows their journey of achieving their objectives while also helping out each other.


Akihito Kanbara- voiced by Kenn, Mei Tanaka(young) and Clint Bickham
Mirai Kuriyama- voiced by Risa Taneda and Krystal LaPorte
Mitsuku Nase- voiced by Minori Chihara and Monica Rial
Hiroomi Nase- voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Ayane Sakura(young) and Adam Gibbs

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