Lupin the Third Part 6 Release Date is Out! Check All the Details Here

Finally, the highly acclaimed series Lupin III is coming to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the most exhilarating action-adventure, more twists and turns with some wackiness. The very first Lupin the Third Part I came out long back on October 24, 1971, under the production of TMS Entertainment. This Japanese anime television series is an adaptation of Lupin III manga formed by Monkey Punch. Among English-talking fans, this series is normally known as the “Green Jacket” series concerning Lupin’s outfit. Lupin the Third is an activity-pressed, yet the silly and whimsical story, highlighting a bunch of exceptionally complex characters, is now all set to come out. You get all the information and details related to the Lupin the Third Part 6 release date here that we have collected with official sources.

Lupin the Third Part 6 Release Date

With Part I having premiered between October 24, 1971, and March 26, 1972, the production company TMS Entertainment responsible for this series announced the release date of Part 6 at a press conference held on May 26, 2021. The series is slated to make a premiere on October 2021 on Nippon TV and other NNS networks, which is licensed by Sentai Filmworks as on August 20, 2021, Sentai officially picked up the rights for home video and streaming. It will stream on HIDIVE.

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Lupin the Third Part 6 Production

Lupin the Third Part 6 is made under the direction of Eiji Suganuma, who formerly coordinated the Lupin TV special Prisoner of the Past in 2019. It is composed by Takahiro Ōkura with a character design by Hirotaka Marufuji. The series will include scripts from several guest writers like Mamoru Oshii, Taku Ashibe, Masaki Tsuji, Akio Higuchi, and Kanae Minato. The music is formed by Yuji Ohno and performed by “Yuji Ohno and Lupintic Six”. A CD soundtrack collection will be accessible on November 3, 2021, which incorporates the primary theme.

Lupin the Third Part 6 Characters

The series shows the main character named Arsène Lupin III who is the grandson of French famed master thief Arsène Lupin. Arsène Lupin III has the voice of Kanichi Kurita. The rest of the other characters who will show up along with Lupin III in the upcoming part include Daisuke Jigen has given the voice of Akio Ōtsuka, Goemon Ishikawa XIII voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, Fujiko Mine has the voice of Miyuki Sawashiro, Inspector Koichi Zenigata voiced by Kōichi Yamadera, Goro Yatagarasu has given the voice of Nobunaga Shimazaki, Albert Dandregy voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda, Sherlock Holmes has the voice of Masato Obara, and lastly Lily voiced by Sumire Morohoshi.

 Lupin the Third Part 6 Story

Lupin III, a gentleman thief is approaching us and he is prepared for his next adventure—except if legendary investigator, Sherlock Holmes, has something to say about it! At the point when Holmes’ long-term accomplice, Dr. Watson, is killed, no one but Lupin tops the accused list. With Holmes quick shutting in, Lupin should demonstrate his blamelessness and handle a shadowy association called The Raven assuming he needs to live to take another day.

Set in London, Lupin focuses on a fortune said to be covered up by the Raven, a mysterious association that calls the shots of the British Government from its shadows.

A solitary piece of workmanship holds the key. Be that as it may, Scotland Yard and MI6 will take the necessary steps alongside Inspector Zenigata and as a matter-of-fact Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most noteworthy criminal investigator. Has the world’s most prominent thief met his competition? Well, we get to see that very soon enough.

Lupin the Third Part 6 Visual and Teaser

The Lupin III site uncovered the first special visual picture for Part 6. The visual on the main poster peruse: “This man, would he say he is a villain or a legend?” Lupin III, Daisuke Jigen, Fujiko Mine, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, and Inspector Kōichi Zenigata are for the most part present in the community, dutch-calculated print. Painted with turquoise scenery, the print recognizes it having a place with Lupin III Part 6 just as the show’s 50th Anniversary.

TMS Entertainment also revealed the teaser on May 26, 2021, on their official YouTube channel. The description says 2021 marks the 50th commemoration of the enlivened series, and subsequently, Lupin is busy once more!

The new Lupin the third Part 6 series is set to unfurl with the theme of “mystery” with Lupin and the posse tossed into the advanced age. What could be their next target? So, that’s the wrap as we have included pretty much everything related to Lupin the Third 6. Thus, are you excited, well, I am. Share your thoughts here and stay tuned to us with future updates.  

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