Netflix’s Crime Stories Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or Not?

Netflix has many options for every series or movie lover. It has many genres that helped you in any possible way. So, our today’s article is especially for those who love to watch crime and suspense drama. Recently, Netflix announced its new documentary series Crime Stories: India Detectives which is a crime drama as denotes by its name. The show is gaining so much popularity that crime and suspense drama lovers wanted to know about the Crime Stories season 2 release date. However, the first season is not released yet. So, here we will tell you about the release dates of seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix’s original Crime Stories.

What are the Crime Stories about?

Crime Stories: India Detectives revolves around the Bengaluru police. It is the story where you will see Bengaluru police solving four major criminal cases that happened in Bengaluru.

The plot is so simple as you have watched many criminal television shows or movies, so, this is too not different. The series shows how the police investigate the case from the moment when the crime is reported to arrest the criminal. This show fictionalized some of the major shocking criminal cases in the Silicon Valley of India. Crime Stories also shows the lives of Bengaluru police at home and work.

The show is not released yet so we do not have much information about the main story of the show. And to know further you have to wait until the show gets the release.

Crime Stories
Crime Stories

Crime Stories Season 2 Release Date

Crime Stories is going to release on Monday, 22 September 2021. So, the first season is released soon, so, you do not have to wait longer. The number and duration of the episodes is not been disclosed yet, it will be known when the series release on Netflix on 22 September 2021.

If we talk about the Crime Stories Season 2 release date then it will be difficult to tell anything about it. As the first season is not out yet, then how can we assume the second season release date. The series is not renewed for season 2 yet. Netflix always renews the series only when the previous season does well. And to check the performance of season 1 Netflix takes almost one to two months to renew the series for another season. So with it, you have to wait for season 2 (it happened), it will only happen when you like Crime Stories Season 1.

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Crime Stories Season 2 Story

In such a show, makers most probably come back with the new stories. Maybe the same will happen with this series. Most probably the plot may same but the stories or crimes may differ from the first season.

But to renew the series for the second season you have to like the first season, then also Netflix and the makers will think in this direction or your favor. So, we will suggest, go and watch the first season, first on 22 September 2021 on NETFLIX.

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