When To Expect Love Alarm Season 3 On Netflix?

Web shows, movies in this modern generation becomes an important part of the lives of people all over the country. In this era of technology, we can enjoy watching Turkish dramas, American TV Series, Korean dramas and get entertained. Entertainment industries from so many countries are reaching the global audience through Netflix, Amazon Prime. These platforms facilitate k-drama with the essence of love, Superhero movies with the essence of action, Web shows full of conspiracy and endless thrillers. K drama industry is getting endless love and favourable responses from the audience globally. K dramas getting massive viewership and providing quality content to the audience. love alarm is one of the most popular k dramas, available on Netflix. If you’re a big fan of k dramas then love the alarm season 3 might be on you’re wishlist.

Love alarm is a Korean television series picked by Netflix and premiered on August 22, 2019, and it becomes one of Netflix’s top releases. The audience loved the concept of the show and Netflix renewed the show. The second season was released on March 12, 2021, and meet the expectations of the audience and now they’re wondering about Love alarm season 3.

Renewal Status

The show got so much love from the audience and they are highly expecting season 3. Makers didn’t make any announcement about Love Alarm Season 3. Renewal status is still pending. Our best guess is that makers will soon announce the
Love Alarm season 3 as the last two seasons of the show was commercially successful and if season 3 will happen then it also will. Season 2 is just released a couple of months ago it is clear that makers will take their time to consider season 3 and to make it happen. Love Alarm season one was directed by Lee Na-Jung and season 2 was by Kim Jin-woo, Park Yoo-young.

Love Alarm Season 3 Release Date

Love Alarm season 3

Love alarm season 3 is not announced by Netflix yet reason behind this is season 2 is released a couple of months ago and makers are considering season 3. Before announcing they have to plan everything about it. However, we predict that makers will announce the show nearly in December and will release it early in 2023. But for that, we have to wait until Netflix announce it.

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Love Alarm Season 3 Story

Love alarm depicts the story of a teen boy and girl. A cheerful Girl with hardworking skills and painful family history. A boy belongs to a rich and uncaring family, although he is very handsome. The concept of the show is based on technology (application) that facilitates users to find out love through an application that informs the users when someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for the user.

Love Alarm Season 3 Cast

The main characters of the show are Song Kang, Kim So-Hyun, and Jung Ga-ram along with supporting cast Go Min-si, Song Seon-mi as well as Shim Yi-young. Kim So-Hyun featured as Kim Jo-jo, a very teenage girl with a perfect combo of beauty with the brain but having family’s painful history. Jung Ga-ram is featured as Lee Hye-young, who studies with Jo-jo and likes her. Song Kang featured as Hwang Sun-oh a very good-looking boy in the school as well as belongs to a rich family, but an uncaring family with lots of difficulties. Hwang Sun-oh falls in love with Kim Jo-jo. Go Min-si featured as Park Gul-mi very selfish and egotistic cousin of Jo-jo. She is a famous girl at school whose love interest is Sun-oh.

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