The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 2: Is It Arriving?

What if you were born with overwhelming and unparalleled power, you may think of it in a coveted sense but to Wang Ling the protagonist of ‘the daily life of the immortal king’ or Xian Wang De Richang Shenghuo in Chinese is nothing but sort of a vexation. The show is based on the Chinese novel of the same name written by Kuxan and published by Qidian. Before the show got released in international scenes, it aired in China on 18 January 2020, which was broadcasted by bilibili networks.

The release on Netflix came after a gap of 1.5 years, airing from 30 June 2021 with 15 episodes arranged each lasting a length of 17 -24 minutes. Haoliners Animation League was behind the animation of the show and did a fine job in carrying out fight sequences. But yet, the overall quality was not beyond the ordinary if compared with other action anime. Some even claim that the animation style rightly reflects the emotional mood of the show but the debate remains highly subjective.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 2 Release Date

This shouldn’t come as a shock that the action-fantasy anime mustered along a fan base of its own, owing to the alluring storyline and enjoyable characters. So, it is understandable that they are desiring another season. To answer the question of season renewal, well we got a reason for you to get supplied with happiness. Studio Bilibili at an event back in November 2020 imitated upon the arrival of season 2, which gives an official confirmation of its renewal.

Well, as of now only the confirmation on season 2 is out there, not any exact release date. However, since the show was part of their 2021 itinerary so the likelihood of its production to commence from 2021, in China, remains intact which means that the international fans will have to wait till the last months of 2022 to witness season 2. This can be inferred from the fact that season 1 with all intent and purposes followed the same pattern.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 1 Recap

The setting of the show in such a world where spirituality and magic reconcile with technological advancement and the power to control the spiritual aura is called cultivation. The show mostly revolves around a teenager named Wang Ling who also happens to possess demigod lowers or in other words the sheer magnitude of his powers remains unparalleled throughout. But he can never have this power at his disposal or cannot be ostentatious with it, owing to the fact that once it gets unleashed it will destroy the whole world. Since the time he was born his parents took account of this abnormality and therefore attached an amulet that kept his power in a dormant state.

After this, he reaches an age, fit to be enrolled into a high school where he meets Sun Rong, an heiress of the Huaguo Water Curtain Group, and eventually falls in love with her, although in reciprocation. He also befriends two other boys.

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The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 2 Story

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 2

There is enough source material for the show to continue its run. Therefore the story for season two will most likely be a consequential stretch caused by the misbalance created by Wang Ling between the three realms in an attempt to resurrect Sun Rong back to her life. The new season may demand Wang Ling to atone for his infamy to disrupt the functioning of the law of nature by repeatedly stopping time and restarting the world.

Secondly, the people of the mortal realm will no longer be obscure of his powers and moreover, the magnitude of power spill in the last battle may cut across to the awareness of other power entities from different realms.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Season 2 Characters

Right now we lack any vital information about the introduction of the new characters. These are the ones who are to return certainly.
Sun Rong voiced by Qian Chen
Chen Chao voiced by Gu Jianshan
Wan Lin voiced by Yin Long

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