Will Professor Die in Money Heist Season 5?

The famous and fruitful heist at the Royal Mint of Spain raise the standards high for Money Heist or La Casa de Papel in Spanish and assisted it with turning into Netflix’s most well-known and likable non-English language series. It created a huge fanbase all around the world and even the non-lovers of thriller dramas enjoying Money Heist to the very extent. Perfect screenplay, characters developments, unexpected twists and turns, amazing cinematography, top tier acting by the cast members is what made this series hyped and one of the best.

As we all know that after testing our patience, the showrunner made it to season 4, and now again in anticipation of the fifth season’s release, it’s been trending in several countries. Seeing the features like action, intrigue, romance, and sticking it to the establishment, season 5 finally appeared with chaos. Money Heist Season 5 is slated to release in two volumes. Each volume has five episodes in it.

For now, on September 3, Volume 1 is already premiered and the next Volume 2 is scheduled to come out in December. Upon the release of the fifth season, several fan theories are also going around which added to our thrills and excitement even more and one of them is whether the Professor played by actor Álvaro Morte will die in this last season 5? Well, if you are inquiring to know if this theory is right or wrong, then you don’t have to go anywhere as here we’ve got you covered. So read on further to find out. 

What Money Heist is All About?

Set in Madrid, a secretive man known as “The Professor” enlists a gathering of eight individuals, who pick urban areas for code-names, to complete a big striving plan that includes entering the Royal Mint of Spain, and getting away with €984 million. Subsequent to kidnapping 67 individuals inside the Mint, the group intends to stay inside for 11 days to print the cash as they manage world-class police powers. In the events succeeding the hidden heist, the social occasion is compelled once more into public and end up arranging second heist, this time on the Bank of Spain, as they once more manage hostages and police powers.

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What Season 4 indicates to us?

What Season 4 indicates to us?

The season 4 finale closes on a significant cliff-hanger. The criminals, still so shook by Nairobi’s demise, use Gandía to helicopter Raquel/Lisbon into the Bank of Spain. The police department issue an arrest warrant for Inspector Alicia’s catch after she includes her whole office during a public meeting about Río’s torture. And keeping in mind that she’s on the run, she sorts out where the Professor is stowing away. “Checkmate,” she utters, shooting a singular shot before the season closes.

Will Professor die in Season 5?

Will The Professor die in Season 5?

As per the first official trailer for season 5, the Professor will be in incredible peril after Sierra discovers him. This is not just a method he should concoct one more plan to get back on the tracks, however, that he probably won’t be driving the group for most of the last season. With Lisbon back with different looters, she may be the brains inside the bank following Nairóbi’s demise. The trailer also notices Professor saying that this is the last time I speak to you, and then Alicia has tied him up in chains and throws him off from an elated height. This all hints that the fate of Professor is demise in the last season.

Well, from now on the section is carrying heavy spoilers, so it’s advisable that if you are yet to watch all five episodes of the fifth season, skip this part in order to avoid getting spoiled before watching this marvelous piece.

We all saw that season 4 ended with Alicia Sierra pointing a gun at the Professor, however, he doesn’t die in this first part of the season. Alicia tries to extract information from the Professor about his plans but he doesn’t reveal anything and until the end keeps his mouth shut even when Alicia shoots him in the foot.

After some course, Benjamin and Marseille joined them and Sierra figures out how to quell them all and holds them all detainee. That is until her water breaks and she goes into her labor. The Professors and others help her in the delivery of the child and eventually, she prepares herself for an expected battle and break, potentially to come in season 5, Part 2 as the Professor turns his consideration back to the tumultuous heist in progress.

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