Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Based on a light novel series written and illustrated by Kei Amagi and Ninoninomoto, Assassin’s Pride is among those anime that have managed to attract ambivalent reactions from its viewers. The story talks about self-worth, which one needs to find within himself/herself rather than seeking people for it, even your own family.

Before the anime, the light novel got transfigured into the manga with Kei working as the writer while illustration was undertaken by Yoshie Kato. This was published in Shueisha’s seinen magazine in 2017 and the writers are currently working to deliver us more content.

Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Release Date

Assassin's Pride Season 2

Season 1 of the anime aired from October 10 to December 26, 2019, hauling 12 episodes with an average time of 24 minutes each. The studio carrying out its production was EMT Squared which is best known for producing anime such as ‘The master of Ragnarok’ and ‘Blesser of Einherjar’.

As of now, the makers have kept us hanging midway since no official announcement regarding the season renewal has been made. Earlier, fans across various social media platforms were speculating that season 2 could most likely start its production from the 2020s, and later it got shifted to 2021 but now they are claiming it to release in 2022. So, this flicker nature of the prospect of another season has certainly been capitalized upon by many.

Let’s focus on various aspects of the anime that could possibly provide us with some indication of its reoccurrence.


Season 1 of the anime started off with a freshness and a newfangled approach towards the plot despite its genre i.e ‘fantasy’ exploited by many over the years. The anime as it progressed forward derailed from the track of popularity and that too even adhering closely to its source material. Thereby amassing an IMDB rating of 5.8 and MyAnimeList rating of 5.9 which is just average.
However, there is a flip side to this as well, the anime is oftentimes ranked among the most popular anime list on the Crunchyroll website.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Due to the irregularity and out-of-order nature of the adaptation process, it is hard to say with a confirmed flow that till what chapters the light novel series has been adapted into the anime. However, the good news is that the source material is being published at a good pace so by next year there would be ample content to build upon the foundations of a new season.

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Will There Ever Be Assassin’s Pride Season 2?

To conclude, if the makers have already decided upon the show’s renewal then it would take another one and a half years for the production to get completed, and therefore the new season could possibly be arriving at the late 2022 or initial months of 2023.

Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Story

The show is built around the background of a threat of extinction looming on humanity and they exist only in a city called ‘Flandore’. The planning of this city is charted out in such a way as to keep them away from the threat, such as the train system, which is the only possible way of moving from domes to domes running through the glass tunnels.

There exists just a menace outside these dorms in the form of lycanthropes. The humanity inside these dorms is hierarchical, divided between the nobility and the common folks. ‘Mana’ a superpower, which can only be summoned by the members of nobility is the only possible way to exterminate the lycanthrope.

Amidst all of this exists a girl who also happens to be the protagonist of the show, named Melida Angel who has never summoned mana but strives to be powerful to gain the acceptance of her family by joining an elite academy.

The story for season 2 will most likely be picked up from volume 6 albeit, the adaptation missed volume 4. So the story will follow the attempt of Melida, Kufa, and Rosetti to resolve the unexpected issues that have occurred in a weapon tasked to deter any attacks from the night world by heading to the sea along with an airship. Lord Mordew, Melida’s grandfather proclaims the death of melida on a particular day.

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