Q Force Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

Q-Force standing for Queer force is a Scy fi action-based animated series available on Netflix. The show presents itself as LGBTQ+ oriented with adult humor interspersed throughout the show. By the time I am writing this article, the show’s already released on Netflix that is 2nd September 2021 with just 10 episodes 27 minutes each available. It has Sean Hayes and Michael Schur as its creators and Gabe Liedman, Todd Milliner, and David Miner acting as Executive producers.

The show currently has an IMBD rating of 4.4, however, this shouldn’t define the quality of the since it is only neoteric and as more people watch it the ratings are likely to fluctuate. The issue taken up by the show is most contentious in nature, While some embrace its apparent progressive nature, others deride it as not giving priority to the character’s personality but rather their sexual orientation.
Despite, these ambivalent reactions, the show is most likely to crack you up on several occasions. As per Looper, the show’s creative team comprising of the writer, executive producer, and other cast members involve LGBTQ+ members who embellish the show keeping in mind the jokes they find funny in particular and inducing that the same jokes would be cherished by the members in general. Here are all the details we know about Q Force Season 2 Release Date.

Q Force Season 2 Release Date

Q Force Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, the show recently got released, so it is nothing but obvious that the second season of the show, if planned would come out in a period of 1 or 2 years, taking into consideration the release history of Netflix. But, the most important issue at hand being, is season 2 even in the itinerary of Netflix? The answer to this question depends upon the popularity or total audience garnered for season 1. If the show gets popular, then Netflix would have the incentive to carry it forward as they did it in the case of shows like ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘Bojack Horseman’ both belonging to the same genre of adult comedy.

Keeping the speculation aside, no official announcement regarding season 2 has been made so far. For the time being, we will have to gratify our desire for season 2 by just re-watching season 1.
Plot and Overview The show revolves around a James Bond –wannabe, Steve Mayweather or Agent Mary who is unable to placate the officials at the American Intelligence Agency despite his potential and in order to subvert the perception of his higher ones, embarks on a journey to solve various cases with gathering capable and talented members of LGBTQ+ on the way. But they will soon be faced with a challenge when they will have to admit a straight member into their team.

As of now, there is no Q Force Season 2 Release Date.

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Q Force Season 2 Story

The ending of season 1 can serve as fuel to the plot of season 2. In the last episode of season 1 titled ‘the hole’, we saw that the country, Gyenorvya after a thorough tussle, gets penetrated by the members of the Q-Force. They also become aware of the fact that the ruler of that country, princess Mira is planning to jeopardize their ally -hood by using the sensitive information she availed from the agency. The reason for this being, she had to work towards the aggrandizement of her country on a global stage.

To achieve the malicious objectives she wished to marry Buck and now the foremost task of Q-Force is to now prevent her from this. To achieve this, Q-Force collaborates with veteran members of the Queer community to altogether work in sabotaging Mira. After successfully transacting their mission, the Q- Force returns to the US and hailed as heroes.

They finally get the attention and respect that was due to them but they are reluctant to hand over the sensitive information back in the hands of the agency, given the history. The plot for season 2 could possibly pick up from here, where a new villain with more vicious plans could come into the picture, or perhaps it may not be an end to Mira’s story, she could possibly return by joining hands with some other entities.

Mary would perhaps change her attitude towards the agency after having found out about the Grey Scale project or the agency given their history of doing sabotaging acts could possibly turn against the Q-Force completely, thus assuming the role of ‘villain’.

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