Dororo Season 2: Is The Anime Renewed Already?

‘Dororo’ which comes from Japanese ‘Dorobo’ meaning ‘thief’ is one finest anime ever made when it comes to unique storyline and animation style. It is set in feudal Japan and carries a mélange of genres like action, period drama and dark fantasy. The anime is an adaption of a Japanese manga illustrated and written by mangaka Osamu Tezuka. Before getting cancelled, it was first published in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday between August 1967 and July 1968 and concluded in Akita Shoten’s magazine in 1969.

The show aired from January to June 2019, with Mappa and Tezuka production working jointly for the project. However, this wasn’t the first time the show made its appearance on a screen. Before this, a 26 episodes long series aired in July 1969 which was undertaken by Mushi productions. The show in 2004, got converted into its own video game titled ‘Blood Will Tell’ which sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo Season 2

It has almost two years since the 24 episodes long anime aired and all the different media that the same storyline has been transfigured into is a very much living proof of the popularity of the show.
Now, coming back to the question ’when is season 2 going to be released’? The answer is, ‘no one knows’ since no official announcement regarding the continual of the second season has been made so far by the studio , neither was there any indication on any social media platform apart from some speculations which suggested that, we could get a new season by 2022.

The major issue concerning a release date is that Dororo’s manga just has four volumes , which are mostly been covered and consequently not enough to support for a new storyline, unlike manga of other anime’s which owes their seasonal existence due to the longevity of the manga. Therefore, if the makers are intending to forge ahead with a new season that it is inevitable that they deviate from its original source material or rather start afresh.

If we look at the popularity aspect of the anime then, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there is huge fan base which is looking forward for more content from the show. This statement can be supported by the fact that the show’s official twitter handle has almost 61k followers and the Google search accounts to almost 707k from across the globe. The show is particularly popular in United States, which opens up an opportunity for the makers to exploit and capitalize on this growing demand.

In 2017, Dororo, the films was released which amassed a staggering collection of 3.45 billion yen and 3884 copies of Blu-ray\DVD sales were sold in 2019.

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Dororo Season 2 Story

Dororo Season 2

The plot of season 2 is most likely to pick up from where season 1 ended. As mentioned before the manga due to its brevity has been exhausted for season 1. So, any new story from here, would be the creation of the makers themselves. Anyways, based on the current plot holes and the turn of events in the last few episodes of season 1, we can anticipate where the story will be directed in the future.
Bossed on where season 1 left, we could see both Hakkimaru and Dororo as being adults.

Dororo’s identity as being a girl was also evinced. Earlier she was masquerading as a boy to deter any unwanted attention. So, we could see her character developing in a sense that she would no longer have to live under her fake identity and live a fate she herself creates. They will now embark upon a new journey to exterminate more demons and as a result ,recovery of more limbs in Hakkimaru’s body could also be witnessed.

Dororo has now gained enough maturity when it comes to using the wealth left behind , so we could see her channelize this into fuelling the lost hopes of the people around reconstruction of the village.

Dororo Season 2 Characters

The characters for season 2, in case of its return would not be subjected to, much of a change due to the demands of the story but new characters in terms of challenges and allies can be speculated to make their appearance. Those returning will be:

Dororo: voiced by Rio Suzuki, Hyakkimaru: voiced by Hiroki Suzuki, Tahomaru: voiced by Shoya Chiba, Kagemitsy Daigo voiced by Nooya Uchida, Nui no Kata voiced by Chie Nakamura, Biwamaru voiced by Mutsumi Sasaki and others. The anime’s is being dubbed in English, for now we don’t have any confirmation regarding the voice artists.

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