Noragami Season 3 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

Noragami meaning ‘stray god’ in Japanese is an anime adaptation of its manga written by a pair of female writers under the pen name Adachikota. It is developed by the same studio BONES which has given us over-the-top anime series like ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ and ‘Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. The first season consisted of 12 episodes that premiered from January 5, 2014, to March 23, 2014, whereas the second season had 13 episodes that aired between October 2, 2015, to December 25, 2015.

The show amassed huge popularity and an extensive fan base in the span of these two seasons. The director of the show Kotaro Tamura and the writer being Deko Akao, did a fine job crafting the mélange of action, drama, romance, and comedy on the screen. 23 Tankobon volumes have been published till May 2021 while fans being ravenous for more. Moreover, there are 2 Original Video Animation or OVAs available to watch which takes the total count of anime’s appearance to 4. Here are all the details we know about Noragami Season 3 Release Date.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

Noragami Season 3

Let us now get into the Noragami Season 3 release date. It has been 6 years since the last season ended and no sign of intent to continue with a new season can be seen. This lack of availability of information regarding the season renewal led many rumors to be emanated like wildfire, which seemed to claim that we may get to see, season 3 towards the end of 2021 itself. But rumors being rumors, they carry no solid ground of evidence whatsoever.

Today we will be looking factually whether a rekindling of a third season is possible or not.
Firstly, if we consider its source material or manga then there is ample content waiting to be transfigured into a new plot. There is still much more than the anime has to cover. So, this rules out the possibility of non-renewal of anime due to content exhaustion because the show has not reached that level yet. The ground on which we are claiming this is because around 15 manga volumes are lying there waiting to become fodder for the next season.

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Will There Ever Be Noragami Season 3?

Now, coming to the profits wielded by the series, it can be stated that season 2 was not as popular as season 1. One of the writers, due to her health morbidities went on to take a two-year hiatus from 2017-2019. She soon returned and the publications revived in 2021 but with meager profits as compared to preceding volumes. There was also a precipitous 60 percent fall in Blu-ray sales incurred by season two relative to season 1. This may have influenced the decision of BONES studio to continue charting out for the show.

It is sort of an anomaly that as per the date worldwide season two was more praised than season 1 whereas the country in which it was produced saw a steep fall in the sales. If the makers go by the global perception of the series, then they can certainly capitalize on the opportunity and deliver us the next season. In conclusion, the prospects of the release of next season are improbable and can only be converted into certainty by the kind of reaction provided by the fans both local and global.

Noragami Season 3 Story

Noragami Season 3 release date

The story revolves around a god living in penury who wants to become famous and get his own golden shrine built. He then endeavors to take 5 yen for accepting any wishes. His life then gets enliven by Hiyori Iki, a middle schooler who gets succumbed to a bus accident while saving a stranger. This leads to slipping her soul out of her body and she finds herself stranded between two parallel worlds, one being the Near Shore and the other being the far Shore. She then chases Yato to revive her back to normalcy.

Along this journey, they also found another member names Yukerine, a young lost spirit of a boy who then is adopted by Yato as his ‘sacred treasure’. The two begin two act like a family while other events threatening humanity unfold.

Noragami Season 3 Characters

If the plan for season 3 is on cards of BONES studio then, we can assume that the cast from the previous season will continue delivering us the thrill that we expect from them. Hiroshi Kamiya and Jason Liebrecht will come back as Yato. Maya Uchida and Bryn Appril as Hiyori Iki. Micah Solusod and Yuki Kaji as Yukine. The anime is available to watch on Hulu.

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