When To Except Hitorijime My Hero 2?

Nowadays Anime industry is growing at a fast pace, especially young Audience from all over the world admire watching anime movies and shows. OTT platforms like Netflix also offer anime to their subscribers and light-hearted drama series has a separate fan base. Hitorijime My Hero is a light-hearted romantic drama series adaptation of the manga series of a similar name. The show is directed by Yukina Hiiro, Franchise introduced its season in July 2017. The initial season of the show contains 12 episodes. Hitorijime My Hero depicts the story of high school where Masahiro Setagawa is a somewhat helpless delinquent and his neighbourhood bullies utilise him to run their undertakings. Masahiro life started changing when he meets high school educator Kosuke Oshiba.
The cast of the show includes Tia Lynn Ballard, Greg Cote, Houston Hayes, David Matranga and Daman Mills, Alejandro Saab, Austin Tindle.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted romantic show then this one is for you. Season one did a great job as well as during its run it formulated a strong fan base which is now waiting for season 2 for the last three years.
Buffs of show highly demanding for Hitorijime My Hero Season 2. Buffs of the show keeping their eyes on the renewal state of the show if it is happening or not?

Renewal Status: Hitorijime My Hero

The genre of the show is one of the main reasons behind the huge success of the show. Viewers enjoyed watching season one and now craving for another season. But viewers of the show are very disappointed with the makers of the show as they are creating suspension and are still silent about the Hitorijime My Hero 2. Neither they renewed the show for another instalment, not they cancelled it and this thing making fans even more frustrated. Since the first season premiered audiences from all over the world keeping their eyes on every single update but not getting the announcement they want. Well, as we all know that anime industry is so unpredictable anything is possible. After the research, we have done so far found that the chances are high that the fans will watch Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 by the middle of 2022 if the sequel is announced by the makers late in 2022.

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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Characters

Hitorijime My Hero 2

If makers will come with Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 then the main cast of the show would be the same as season 1 and probably we may also see some new characters in the show. The main cast of the show follows Tia Lynn Ballard, Greg Cote and David Matranga, Daman Mills, Alejandro Saab, Austin Tindle as well as Howard Wang, Brittney Karbowski, Margaret McDonald and
David Wald.

Is There Enough Source Material available for Hitorijime My Hero Season 2

As mentioned before Hitorijime My Hero is based on the manga series of a similar name which began in the year 2012, Mexico Arii, the novelist of Hitorijime My Hero has published a total of ten volumes of the series, and the best part is that manga series is still going on. So there is more than enough material is available for season 2 and they can even come with more than 4 seasons. Season one of the anime series contains only two volumes of manga series and right now eight-volume are left. So now it is all up to the makers of the show if they wanted to create season 2 or wanted to discontinue.

Hitorijime My Hero Review!

Hitorijime My Hero is one of those shows which was exceptionally praised by its viewers. The plot of anime was great and the illustration has matched the level of the plot and make it a commercial success. The viewership of the show was quite good as well as ratings, and it scored 7.40 on My Anime List. At the end of this article, our best prediction is that the makers of the show have enough source material as well as season one already gained a huge fan base so season 2 will arrive soon.

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