Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

Japanese amine series never stops to surprise their audiences by delivering enthusiastic and exciting content. As these anime cover almost all the genres that give it a priority and make it superior to other amine providers. Day by day the crazy anime series increase the manga-based Japanese series. This kind of series is different and eyes liking content with a good storyline. Currently, it is found that there is continuous growth in the anime world. And believe it will enhance in the future. Digital ear spread all over the world with that anime world and their creation is also growing. Now, coming to the point, with this post you get to know about one of the exquisite Japanese anime series. This show has already released its first part almost five years back.

Hitorijime My Hero is a Japanese yaoi manga series where yaoi stands for that series that shows homoerotic relationships between male characters. The series is written and illustrated by Memeco Arii and came into existence in February 2012. This series is also known as My Very Own Hero. This television anime series is directed by Yukina Hiiro and written by Yūsei Naruse. Season one represents the two love between four male people. The first part gets a wonderful and considerable response from the viewers. So, now they excepted another season of the series. Ask for when will season 2 come? Who will be in it? What is the plot? And many more. Here we mentioned the information about season 2 check below.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date

Anime television romantic series first season was released on July 8, 2017, on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS NTV. This series adaptation by Encourage Films and includes a total number of 12 episodes. As the series is the adaption of a magazine name Gateau and presently its 11 volumes are available to read. Season one was completely a great show and loved by the audiences. On MyAnimeList the amine gets a 7.40 rating. And on IMDb 7.1 rating out of 10. That is a good sign for any show but many years passed and there is no news about the renewal of the series. It has the potential to show and surely another season will make.

Moving to content availability then there is no harder in it. As above mentioned that it is based on the magazine that contains 11 volumes and only 2 volumes are used in season one. Still, nine volumes are accessible to create a new part. So, the content problem is not found in this series. Then why creators don’t produce anime second season? As series also have enough content to create the third season also. Currently, there is no green light from the side of the makers for the Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 release date.

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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Characters

Although, right now no character repetition is confirmed by the creating but with the help of its content source you can get the answer of it. Not even involving of new characters and voice cast done yet. Since no reveal, we see season one character and voice actor – Kousuke Ooshiba who plays the role of a teacher and use to teach mathematics, and his voice is given by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese and by David Matranga in English. Masahiro Setagawa was voiced by Toshiki Masuda in Japanese and English by Austin Tindle who provide help in housework and cooking.

Asaya Hasekura is a very popular handsome boy compared to other students. Who’s voiced in Japanese given by Shinnosuke Tachibana and in English by Daman Mills. Last but also one of the main characters of the series name Kensuke Ooshiba who is the best friend of the Masahiro during his junior high school times.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Story

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date

The show is revolving around the four main characters of the series Kousuke Ooshiba, Masahiro Setagawa, Asaya Hasekura, and Kensuke Ooshiba. The story is about these four love life between the teacher and his student, and the teacher’s younger brothers with his childhood friend. This type of plot is an increased enthusiasm and curiosity factor among the audiences. Surely story succeeded to attract viewers to the series. If season 2 comes it will be a somewhere high chance to win the heart of their again. As it has the capabilities and power to recreate this romantic anime series. But presently no news comes about the show season two. Season one of the show follows the Gateau we anticipate the same to renewal season.

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