Is House Season 9 Release Date Never Arriving?

American series and dramas are not only famous for action, suspense, and science fiction genre. Have you ever tried a completely new genre called medical drama? If you haven’t watched any such series, then, in that case, we are here with a great suggestion. House is an American medical drama that so far has eight seasons. If you are wondering that it is a very old series, then it is not so. It was during the early 2000s when House arrived before the people. The release of the series attracted millions of people that resulted in positive reviews. Even the cast was appreciated by the critics.

All the eight seasons for successful and therefore, people were expecting season 9 as well. But it has been so long and after few months, our wait will complete a decade. So, isn’t there any updates or latest detail about House season 9? We have answered this most asked and searched question in this post that will also state the revival of the series and House season 9 release date.

House Season 9 Release Date

house season 9 release date

The first season of this medical drama was released on 16th November 2004 with the last episode dropping on 24th May 2005. The viewership scale at that time went up to 13.3 million in the US itself. Season 2 marked a sudden uprising in the numbers of spectators i.e.17.3 million. However, among all the editions, House season 3 proved to be the most successful season for the creators as it was able to extend its reach to 19.4 million watchers.

Created by David Shore, House was doing very well until season 4. After then, the audience’s reception started declining and recorded its lowest total. After some years, House which was once the world’s most popular TV series of its time did not remain impressive when compared to the past editions. Fans were also worried as their matter of concern was the ninth season that could face issues as the team can cancel it. This was their only nightmare and it proved to be true. House season 9 was never going to happen as season 8 was announced as being the final and concluding part. Earlier the future of the series seemed bright and we never thought of such a situation. The first episode of House season 8 aired on 3rd October 2011 on Fox and ran till 21st May 2012.

After then, fans were eagerly waiting for the September month as most of the seasons were dropped in that month itself. But unfortunately, season 9 won’t be returning ever. According to TV Guide, one of the main reasons for canceling the series besides the reception was another issue. The broadcasting network partner, Fox used to be an expenditure of $5 million for a single episode of the House. Before planning for a revival, Fox wanted a cut-off in the fee of the show’s license. The amount of discount it was being provided with was not enough. Another aspect turns out to be a clash between Universal and Fox. Universal wanted to go for a 22 episodes long season but Fox was against it. It was willing to come up with the final season of 13 episodes. This ultimately led to the defeasance of the show, House.
Moreover, the series has received many awards that even include Emmy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Peabody Awards.

House Season 9 Cast

house season 9 cast

House is having six doctors in the main roles while other cast members appeared as guests or recurring roles in several seasons. It was evident that an actor who was portraying a prominent character in a specific season became a guest appearance in the other.

The protagonist of the story is Dr. Gregory House. He is a nephrologist and a specialist in treating infectious diseases. This role has been played by Hugh Laurie. The hospital at which he works is Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH). Dr. Lisa Cuddy played by Lisa Edelstein, is the administrator and Dean of medicine. She is Dr. House’s boss. The other important roles consist of several doctors. Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Allison Cameron, Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Chris Taub, and Dr. Eric Foreman are the significant faces who appeared in the leading roles. The personalities who portrayed them are Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, and Omar Epps, respectively.

Further, House is starring Anne Dudek as Dr. Amber Volakis, Olivia Wilde as Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley, Amber Tamblyn as Dr. Martha Masters, Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner, and Odette Annable as Dr. Jessica Adams. Lastly, we have Dr. Chi Park acted by Charlyne Yi, thereby wrapping up the list of cast.

In House season 9, the main characters could return and reprise their roles. On the other hand, some factors would appear in supporting characters.

House Season 9 Plot

The story takes into account a fictional hospital called Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH), situated in New Jersey. Dr. Gregory House searches the patient at that place and leads a team of doctors. They need to diagnose patients according to the illness but many a time, these doctors undergo conflicts because of some particular disease of which they have developed another concept. Dr. Gregory House also has a better relationship with his boss and the dean of medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

If we had House season 9, most probably the previous story would have been continued.

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